4301 X Street Sacramento (2024)

1. Contact UC Davis Health

  • Contact Us ; UC Davis Medical Center. 4301 X Street Sacramento, CA 95817 · 24-hour operator, 916-734-2011. 24-hour operator TDD line (for hearing or speech ...

  • Contact information for UC Davis Health administrative departments and services.

2. Contact Us | Medical Center - UC Davis Health

  • UC Davis Medical Center. 4301 X Street Sacramento, CA 95817. General questions and information. For patients and the general public: 800-2-UCDAVIS ...

  • Contact information.

3. Driving directions to UC Davis Health, 4301 X St, Sacramento - Waze

4. UC DAVIS MEDICAL CENTER - Updated May 2024 - Yelp

  • 4301 X St. Sacramento, CA 95817. Directions. (916) 734-2011. Call Now · Visit Website. http://medicalcenter.ucdavis.edu. More Info. Hours. Known For. Yes.

  • Specialties: Nationally recognized academic medical center offering primary care for all ages, specialty care in 150 fields, and the latest treatment options and expertise for the most complex health conditions.

5. UC Davis Medical Center (050599) - Free Profile

  • 4301 X Street Sacramento, CA 95817. Telephone Number: (916) 734-2011. Hospital Website: health.ucdavis.edu/medicalcent... CMS Certification Number : 050599.

  • Free Profile Report for UC Davis Medical Center (Sacramento, CA). The American Hospital Directory provides operational data, financial information, utilization statistics and other benchmarks for acute care hospitals.

6. University of California Davis Medical Center - Vivian Health

7. Service Name: UC DAVIS MEDICAL CENTER - 211CA.org

  • Physical Address: 4301 X Street, Sacramento, CA, 95817; Mailing Address: 4301 X Street, Sacramento, CA, 95817. Description: Acute care teaching hospital ...

  • Organization Name: UC DAVIS MEDICAL CENTER

8. Agency: UC DAVIS MEDICAL CENTER - icarol.info

  • 4301 X Street Sacramento, CA 95817 (Map). Agency Hours: Seven days a week, 24-hours. Mailing Address: 4301 X Street, Sacramento, CA 95817 ...

  • Acute care teaching hospital providing patient care. Also conducts research, fosters innovative, inter-professional education, and creates partnerships with the community. Serves 33 counties in Northern and Central California.

9. UC Davis Health Company Overview, Contact Details & Competitors

  • UC Davis Health's main headquarters is located at 4301 X Street Sacramento, CA 95817 US. The company has employees across 6 continents, including North ...

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10. UC Davis Health Email Format - LeadIQ

  • The company's main headquarters is located in 4301 X Street Sacramento, CA 95817 USoperates in the Hospitals and Health Care industry, along with similar ...

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4301 X Street Sacramento (2024)
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