Arknights: RIIC Orundum Farming Guide (2024)


Arknights: RIIC Orundum Farming Guide (1)

AO = Artificial Orundum/Orundum/OriginiumArknights: RIIC Orundum Farming Guide (2)

PO = Pure Originite/Pure Orundum/Originite PrimeArknights: RIIC Orundum Farming Guide (3)

These terms will be used interchangeably in this guide. CN and EN pictures are both used in this guide.

  1. TP = Trading Post
  2. PP = Power Plant
  3. CC = Command Center
  4. LMD = Lungman Dollars
  5. EXP = Experience tickets
  6. AO = Artificial orundum/Orundum/originium
  7. Ops = operators
  8. E0/1/2/ = Elite 0 rank, Elite 1, Elite 2
  9. +x% = Production boosts for that facility can be read as 1% or 0.01. This does not account for innate facility boosts, IE: the +0.03 or 3% from a level 3 factory.
    • Example: 1.6 + 0.2 = 1.8 or 180%

Base format follows as is:

  • Trading post/ factory/ power plant. IE:
  • 243 = 2TP/4Factory/3PP
  • 252 = 2TP/5Factory/2PP
  • Amiya and Swire grants trading post bonus of +7% or 0.07.
  • Kal’Tsit (Kal) grants factory bonus of 2% or 0.02.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

  1. Why orundum farm?
  2. Limiting factors: Orirocks, LMD, and sanity use
  3. The math
  4. Which base setup to use?
  5. When to produce orundum in base
  6. Operator RIIC orundum boosting skills
  7. Extra benefits: trust farming, green, and gold certs
  8. Operator progress and leveling up
  9. Example of base operators to use, rotations and combinations
  10. Total AO per week of orirock farming
  11. Key take away points
  12. FAQs
  13. Credits

1) Why orundum farm?

This guide is directed towards players who are well off in late game or whales. However, it is still not for everyone even if they are in late game or a whale. AO farming is for those who can afford sacrificing large operator growth progress in order to play gacha more without the use of real money.This guide does not suggest or suggest against spending real money. The expenditure and value of real life money is out of the scope of this guide.

Many players will say it is not worth orundum farming, and for good reasons. But this may change when players enter late game or no longer need to progress as much.

At late game, most players will have a strong team of E2 operators which can plow through the current and future contents. Masteries are great but are not a necessity in finishing content unless you seek high risk in CC. This is where orundum farming may provide better benefits to players, especially for F2P players.

This guide is designed to help you get an additional 1800 AO from a weeks’ worth of farming, along with having some progression for your normal base production be it a mix of gold or Exp.

Arknights: RIIC Orundum Farming Guide (4)

CN has produced over 4.9 billion orundums in the trade station as of March 2021 as seen in the CN 2nd anniversary stream. This indicates how large of a demand it is on top of the gross profit that HyperGryph has made.

2) Orirocks, LMD, and sanity use

Limiting factors to farming orundum are:

  1. Orirock Cubes (Orirocks) (sanity used to farm orirocks) Arknights: RIIC Orundum Farming Guide (5)
  1. LMD Arknights: RIIC Orundum Farming Guide (6)
  1. Down time between server events to farm orirocks.

Orirock Cube

Orirocks are best farmed at 1-7 with sanity cost of 6 per stage. It is guaranteed 1-2 drops per stage. You can also farm stage S2-12 at a lower drop rate but I do not advise it unless you are short on time. Orirocks are the major limiting factor as it directly correlates with how much sanity is used. Information on why this is the best stage can be found from the references below. It is NOT worth it to convert pure orundum to sanity to farm for orirocks.

Arknights: RIIC Orundum Farming Guide (8)Arknights: RIIC Orundum Farming Guide (9)

LMD are mainly produced from the base with extras from stage drops, weeklies, dailies, F credits, and events. You will also receive a surplus of gold bars at the beginning of the month from the green cert shop which can assist in LMD needs. The goal is to have 96k LMD per 120 orirocks. LMD production is not a major limiting factor but cannot be ignored if your base has low income. Since you will not be producing orundum until needed, players will only need to have enough LMD at the time of orundum production.

Downtime between events is more of a limiting factor than LMD. Sanity is pumped into farming map 1-7 whenever possible. However, it is advised that you use your sanity wherever needed when events or skill chip requirements come up. There is little down time between server events, especially on EN servers. You cannot expect to farm stage 1-7 every week as there are likely events every month. This means that you will have very limited time in farming orirocks from 1-7 as new events and future reruns arise throughout the game. Expect possibly 1 to 2 weeks of farming a month. Events such as Contingency-Contract will make it possible to farm more orirocks as the event does not require sanity.

3) The math

It takes 2 orirocks +1600 LMD to form a shard in the factory, and then it takes 2 shards to produce 20 AO in the trading post. I do not suggest using the 2nd conversion involving devices as that is not easily farmable.

It takes 60mins to convert 2 rocks+1600 LMD to 1 shard in the factory, without any boost (30mins if you have +100% boost at least).

However, the TP will only take 2 shards at a time for each order so double the previous math:

It takes 120 mins to convert 2 shards to produce an order of 20 AO in the trading post, without any boost (60mins if you have +100% boost at least).

Arknights: RIIC Orundum Farming Guide (10)Arknights: RIIC Orundum Farming Guide (11)

It is 50 hours for 99 shards so roughly 2 shards per hour at +100% efficiency.

For F2P at +100% efficiency, farming 360 orirocks a week to get 1800 AO, it would take 86.5 hours to convert 360 orirocks to get 180 shards. Next you convert the 180 shards to 1800 AO in 86.5 hours (3.6 days, close enough to 3.5 days of production.

For monthly sub players, it takes about 108 hours or 4.5 days. 112.5 hours or 4.7 days to convert 225 shards to usable AO

It takes 1 hour in the TP to finish one order of 20 AO at +100% efficiency. Meaning max orundum produced from a single TP is 480 AO in a single day from 24 orders without the use of drones if the player maintains base. This means you need at least 96 orirocks and 76.8k LMD every day, more if you drone. It takes 20 drones to quick finish a shard.

Production time varies depending on what operators you have. Assuming you are late game, you should have on avg +100% boosted efficiency which cuts the production time in half.

Operators boosts from Ceylon or Eyja give boosts in shard productions, math are as followed:

  • With +100% +3% boost efficiency = 29m 33s per shard
  • With +105% +3% boost efficiency = it takes 28mins 51seconds per shard
  • The difference is saving 42 seconds per order with each +5% efficiency.

It costs exactly 120 orirocks and 96K LMD for 1 pull. Base production time varies but assuming you're late game, you already have plenty of operators providing an avg of +100% efficiency. If so, it will take 30 hours to convert those 120 orirocks and 96K LMD to 600 AO for 1 pull. This does not account for droning. It takes 20 drones to quickly finish a shard.

You stock up on orirocks and LMD until you are ready to convert them. You can get enough LMD from the base with 2 gold trading posts and 2 gold factories so LMD is not a major concern.

The limiting factor is not LMD but rather the amount of orirock you can farm with the limited sanity.

You farm 1-7 for orirock at 6 sanity per stage and get 1-2 orirocks each time at around 1.5 minutes per stage or 60-75mins of farming a day. Another guide have stated it is a 4.822 sanity per orirock or 1.2x drop rate.


  • 240 sanity/ day. 2x 100 free sanity pots from weeklies, you spend 125 sanity a week on annihilation, you get 1755 sanity to farm on orirocks.
  • 1755 / 4.822 = 364 rocks per week. We'll use 360 orirocks gained per week as an avg.
  • It takes about 90 hours (or 3.8 days) with +100% boost operators in factory and trading post to convert 360 orirocks to 180 shards, and from 180 shards to 1800 AO. This gets a total of 3 pulls exactly. This leaves you with 3.2 days remainder of the week to produce LMD or exp tickets as needed. It will cost 288k LMD to convert 360 orirocks.

Monthly subscribers:

  • 240 sanity + 60 sanity pot per day, 2x 100 sanity from weeklies – 125 sanity from annihilation gets you 2175 sanity to farm on orirocks
  • 2175 sanity / 4.822 = 451 rocks per week, we’ll use 450 orirocks gained per week as an avg
  • It takes about 113 hours (4.7 days) with +100% boost operators in factory and trading post to convert 450 orirocks to 225 shards, and from 225 shards to 2250 AO. This gets a total of 3.75 pulls. This leaves you 2.3 days remainder of the week to produce LMD or EXP tickets as needed. It will cost 360K LMD to convert 450 orirocks.

This is a picture of my 333 base transition from 1 orundum TP/factory pair to 3 orundum TP/factory pair to show you what results will look like. Notice that the shard production is not shown in the factories data but only the orundum produced from the TP data.

Arknights: RIIC Orundum Farming Guide (12)

4) Which base setup to use?

Now that we know AO takes only a few days to convert. One trading post and one factory is the minimum. You can have 342, 252, 243, 333, or alternate between them depending on your needs on whatever days you're not producing AO.

When choosing a base setup, it is important to note that you won't be farming orirocks all the time especially as more events are scheduled. You can farm and stock up your rocks and later convert them when needed. Which means you can be flexible with your base switching between 252 and 342, or 333 and 243. You can choose to stay on 252 and 243 as well and just change the productions of one factory/TP pair.

If you have not maxed out right side of base or are already on the 252 setup, I suggest a 342 setup with as many leveled factories and TP as possible. This grants 1 factory to exp, 2 factories to gold and 1 factory to an orundum. 2TP to gold, 1 TP to orundum. Alternate to 252 base setup as needed.

If you have maxed out right side of base or are already on a 243 setup, you can switch to the 333 base setup which is very good, but you will not be producing exp tickets. Have 2 factories and 2 TP to gold, have 1 factory and 1 TP to orundum. Alternate to 243 base setup as needed.

You can do 2+ AO trading posts and 2+ AO factories or more pairs if you wish to cut the time very short but it is unnecessary. I suggest it if you know a banner will expire before you can get your orirocks converted to AO.

Note:anyone who wishes to farm 1-7 religiously then it's highly advised to go 3 trade posts to off-set the cost and go positive on Lungmen from crafting Originium Shards with Orirocks. Another healthy alternative is to not farm 1-7 every day but take the 2 days on the weekend(Friday and Saturday if you're in the US) to farm CE-5 to offset the Lungmen cost. This will lower your extra AO to roughly 1300 AO a week and you will not need to go 3 trade posts.

5) When to produce orundum in base

It is much easier to stock up on orirocks/LMD and then produce your orundum all at once when a banner of interest is coming up. This will allow you to focus the base on orundum farming instead of staggering the production due to the limited orirock/LMD. As most banners are 2 weeks long, this should provide ample time to produce any orundum in base.

When a server event starts:

  • Stop farming orirock and focus sanity on events unless events have poor rewards/drop rates.
  • Switch base productions as needed; it is also the optimal time to convert any orirock to AO during the event for the new banner.
  • Resume farming orirock after the event ends, you should receive large amounts of LMD from events.

6) Operator RIIC orundum boosting skills

This guide will assume you have the basic RIIC operators and some advanced base operators. This means you should have all the 3* operators ready for base, most of the 4* ready for base, and hopefully you have worthwhile 5* and 6* ready for base. Operators specific to AO farming are icing on the cake.

Operators such as E2 Ceylon aren’t needed and do not drastically change much but can add up to a lot of time saved in the long run. It is 5% = 42 seconds saved per order

Looking at it another way:

F2p players who farm 360 rocks from a week’ worth of farming and convert to 180 shards will save 126mins every time. For that additional +5%, that additional 126mins can be used to micromanage your base for other productions if you so wish.

Monthly subscribers farm 450 orirocks a week so 158 mins saved every time 450 orirocks are converted which means potential 158 mins of gold bar or exp production given to you every week you farm orirock when you have an additional +5% efficiency.

Operator RIIC Base Skill List

7) Extra benefits: Trust farming, green, and gold certs

Farming 1-7 multiple times is a great means to increase trust for many operators. Most of the time, stage 1-7 can be completed in 1.5 mins using operators with little to no levels.

Arknights: RIIC Orundum Farming Guide (14)Arknights: RIIC Orundum Farming Guide (15)

Most players will have 3* and 4* all max potential meaning the income of green and gold certs will be on the rise. With orundum farming, you can increase both green and gold certs and be able to save up for the HH tickets. Tier 1 green certs should be no problem at 1490 green certs, tier 2 green certs HH tickets and recruiting tickets should also be very doable if you roll with orundum you farmed that month. It takes 2690 green certs for all of tier 1 + the 2 HH tickets and the recruit tickets in tier 2. By continuing to orundum farm and rolling more, you continue to make more green and gold certs which allows you to purchase the 6* operator or even purchase HH tickets and thus snowball into more gacha rolling.

For late game players, every pull on a banner is almost an equivalent to a gold cert depending on how many max pot 4* operators you have. I have calculated it out late game players will get over 1pull:1 gold cert ratio if you calculate in how many 5* operators will give you 5-8 gold certs and 6* operators giving you 1-10 gold certs. This will be a higher ratio if you are a whale.

Arknights: Currency and Shop GuideArknights: Guide To Operator Trust

8) Operator progress and leveling up

At late game, most players will have a strong team of E2 operators so progress plateaus however new operators will continue to be released and there will be a demand to play with them. As there is very limited time to farm orirocks and with how quickly it is to produce orundum from base, you will have plenty of time to raise operators. EXP and LMD can still be gained from the base setups such as 342, 252, or 243. These base setups will allow a player to balance between EXP/GOLD to GOLD/AO or GOLD/EXP/AO as needed. Base setup 333 will not produce any EXP but can be converted to 243 if needed. Taking advantage of resources from events will also greatly boost either your operators progression especially as you can not utilize all the event rewards for orundum farming.

Adjust base as needed and utilize event EXP/gold rewards to find your balance between orundum farming and operator progress. Farm materials as needed on off cycle. If you are still having problems with operator progress and dedicating resources to orundum farming, you can either

1) Split resource and time by limiting your orundum farming to ~300 orundum per day by alternating factories/TP everyday. This requires more micromanagement of base but will be consistent.


2) Save remaining orirocks and switch base to orundum farming when you have finished your other priorities. This is the easier method and you can process orundum whenever you feel like it.

9) Examples of base operators to use, rotations, and combinations

Adjust as needed for CN/EN operators and factory/TP level.

4 operator 252 or 342 rotation setup

Trading posts 1, 2, or 3:

Lappland/Texas/e0 Jaye (121%) | Exu, Snowsant, a 30% op (100%)

Croissant, Matoi, Mousse, or another 30% op (90%) | Bibeak, Shamare, Kafka (92%) | Ambriel, Gum, Sora, or another 30% op (90%)

Factory 1 and 2 EXP:

FEater, Conviction, Waai-Fu (110%) | Vermeil, ceobe, Scene (91-106%) | Shirayuki, Vigna, Frostleaf, castle (90%)

Factory 3 GOLD: Haze, Gravel, Rosmontis* (105%) | Bubble, asbestos, vulcan (91%)

Factory 4 GOLD: Ptilo, Silence, Mayer, spot (80-85%)

Factory 5 EXP/gold: SWAPPABLE: Perfumer, Steward, Vanilla, Popukar (75%)

Factory 5 AO SWAPPABLE: Ceylon, Eyja, Earthspirit, Lava (105%)

Arknights: RIIC Orundum Farming Guide (18)


4 operator Rotation 243 or 333 base setup

Trading posts 1, 2, or 3:

Lappland/Texas/e0 Jaye (121%) | Exu, Snowsant, Archetto* (110%)

Croissant, Matoi, Mousse (90%) | Bibeak, Shamare, Kafka (92%) | Ambriel, Sora, Gum (90%)

Factory 1 and 2 EXP:

FEater, Conviction, Waai Fu (110%) | Vermeil, ceobe, Scene (91-106%) | Shirayuki, Vigna, Frostleaf, castle (90%) | Bubble, asbestos, vulcan (91%)

Factory 3 GOLD: Haze, Gravel, Rosmontis (105%) |purestream**, weedy, eunectes (115%@2 TP - 135%@3 TP)

Factory 4 GOLD SWAPPABLE: Ptilo, Silence, spot, Mayer (80-85%)

Factory 4 AO SWAPPABLE: Ceylon, Eyja, Earthspirit, Lava (105%)

333 all factory gold to all factory orundum

Trading posts 1, 2, and 3:

Lappland/Texas/e0 Jaye (121%) | Exu, Snowsant, Archetto* (110%)

Croissant, Matoi, Mousse (90%) | Bibeak, Shamare, Kafka (92%) | Ambriel, Sora, Gum (90%)

Factory 1, 2, and 3:

Factory GOLD: Haze, Gravel, Spot (95%) | purestream**, weedy, eunectes (135%@3 TP)

Factory: GOLD/AO: Waai Fu, Mayer, Rosmontis (110%)| Vulcan, Bubble, Asbestos (91%) | Vermeil, Ceobe, Beanstalk (82%)

Factory GOLD SWAPPABLE: Ptilo, Silence, spot, Mayer (80-85%) - swap with haze trio

Factory AO SWAPPABLE: Ceylon, Eyja, Earthspirit, Lava (105%) - swap with purestream trio

Arknights: RIIC Orundum Farming Guide (19)

*If using Rosmontis, have WhisperRain in the office whenever Rosmontis is present, Dusk in CC whenever possible.

**If using Purestream combo, just have weedy and eunectes in the factory, don’t worry about Eunecte’s 2nd ability with lancet.

***E2 bibeak actually gives 1.148% increased productivity on top of Shamare for a total of 2.26%

****Archetto requires all max dorm levels and is more suitable for 3 pp setups.

10) Total AO per week of orirock farming

1700 from annihilation[1800 from CN anni]

1800 avg from AO farming (2250 if on monthly sub)

500 from weeklies

7x 100 from dailies for the week

(additional 7x 200 for daily reward with monthly subscription)

200 from weekly maintenance

Total per week = 4900 for F2p (6750 for monthly sub)

[Total per week in CN = 5000 for F2p (6850 for monthly sub)]

So how many pulls can you get in a month if you farm orundum?

If you are F2p and can orundum farm all month (depends on events), you get 4700 AO a week, one free HH a month from login bonus, 4 HH from green cert shop, and possibly 38 HH from gold cert shop… so 37 pulls + 38 from gold cert shop. [CN is 38+38]
If you are a monthly subscriber: it is 50 pulls + 38 from gold cert shop. [CN is 50+38]

11) Key take away points

  • Need 120 orirocks + 96K LMD for every 600 AO or 1 pull.
  • Farm stage 1-7 when there is event downtime and stockpile orirocks and LMD until ready to produce AO.
  • Only convert base to AO production when ready to produce AO since it only takes a few days to convert AO.
  • Up to 480 AO a day or 1800 AO a week F2P without droning at +100% efficiency per TP/factory pair.
  • Can be flexible with changing base setup 252 to 342 OR 243 to 333 to maximize productions between EXP/GOLD/AO.
  • E2 Ceylon and AO boosting operators are not necessary but reduce overall time in the long run.
  • Extra benefits are trust farming, green certs, and gold certs.

12) FAQs

Q1: Why farm orundum for operators you won’t raise? Is this just for waifu collection sake?

A1: You will have time and resources to raise operators you gacha’d for. It’s just slower. I have raised many operators, both 6* and 5*, while orundum farming and switch my base up as needed. Since your base will finish processing a week’s worth of orirocks in a few days, it is impossible to have your base farm orundum 24/7 due to the limitations and mathematics mentioned previously. I do like to play waifu collector though and for the people that do, they will certainly have a higher chance to get more waifus versus non farming F2P players. You can have BOTH a waifu collection AND slower operator progress if you orundum farm.

Q2: What about farming the mats used to level up your operators?

A2: You can farm those whenever you so wish. It’s all about balancing since your base can’t produce orundum 24/7 anyways and you are going to dump out all the orirocks in bursts. Any lower tier mats can be purchased from the green cert store if you orundum farm and roll a lot.

Q3: Why not just whale for pure orundum instead of farming orundum?

A3: It is more efficient to spend your personal money to get pure orundum and then converting it to usable orundum but the discussion of how you use your personal money and the value of real money is out of the scope of this guide.

Q4: Can you orundum farm as a noob?

A4: You actually can but it is harder to do so. Orundum farming is not restricted to whales, dolphins or late game players - I just suggest late game since many players can not afford to lose operator progress.

Q5: Someone calculated it to be ~1k sanity per pull. Is it worth it still?

A5: Total cost for 600 orundum ~24,663.55 LMD lost from LMD switching 96,000 LMD from recipe cost ~578.64 Sanity for 60 orirock cube Or ~1061.1 sanity

If you convert all costs to sanity, this is what you get. However, in reality you do not convert it all to costs since you use only 190 drones to convert a single lvl 3 TP to a lvl 3 factory or vice versa and you actually produce all the LMD in base. You only use the 578.64 sanity gained for 60 orirocks.

The only actual sanity used are the sanity that is gained which is 1755 sanity for ~360 orirocks for 3 pull. Whether that is worth it to you is dependent on your needs and wants as a player.

Q6: What do you consider late game/end game since it is a subjective definition?

A6: It is a broad definition, the proper way to see it is if you are happy with your operator's progress and can finish most content, along with being fine to invest in playing gacha and are willing to lose in gacha.

Q7: With a 2% pull rate. It will take forever to get a 6* operator. Is it still worth it?

A7: Pity rate kicks in at 50 pulls and the average is around 35 pulls for a 6*, including around 3x 5* operators with many 4* and 3* operators. Regular rates are 3*=40% , 4*=50%, 5*=8%, and 6*=2%. You are playing the gacha so it is all chances and probability. There is no solid answer to this as you are just gambling with the orundum you farmed. The more pulls you farm, the higher the chances you get so it all depends on how much farming you put in. I have seen many save up and are forced to spark on a limited banner at 300 pulls versus others lucky enough not having to use all their savings.Regardless if you do not get the 6* you want from gacha, you will have plenty of other rewards such as gold certs and green certs to buy out mats, HH tickets, and the 6* operator in the gold cert shop.

From the graph below, you have a high chance of getting a 6* op at 35th pull and up and pity starts at pull 50. The more pulls you have the closer you are to the 35th pull or pity.

Arknights: RIIC Orundum Farming Guide (20)

From 🍑Moe🍑#2568 from Discord

Q8: Should whales do orundum farming?

A8: This is more of a matter of how you use your personal money and how much money and time is being spent. It is more efficient to buy pure orundum than farming orundum in terms of both time and money. However, how much time and money a player has is up to them and is again out of the scope of this guide.

Q9: Is orundum farming the only other way to get orundum.

A9: No it is not. The game will give you plenty of pure orundum from new chapters and event chapters. Free orundum and pulls are also from maintenance and anniversary events.

Q10: Farming 1-7 is so boring, is the game worth it just farming 1-7 forever?

A10: If you were farming rocks for upgrades, you would also be farming 1-7 forever too. I suggest split screening the game and enjoying discord chats while the game is playing. You can farm other rock stages too but it is not as efficient as stage 1-7.

Q11: Are you able to pull on every banner if you farm?

A11: Depends on how much you save and spend. Generally yes, you can easily pull at least 10x from every banner that comes out biweekly if you orundum farm and save up orundum throughout the weeks if you are saving 4700 orundum per week farmed.

Q12: Orundum farming is a scam!

A12: I hear this a lot. For most players it is not a good deal. “ ~1k sanity for 1 pull at gacha” versus “permanent operator progress and upgrades”. With that in perspective, it is understandable why many would say orundum farming is only for the rich. The value and opportunity costs of rolling gacha for operators is different from player to player.

Q13: Why raise certain base operators when it takes so long for an operator to pay off?

A13: If you do the math, it could take years for an operator to pay off their cost in investment especially if you do not use them outside of base. In reality, you are going to spend the resources on something anyways and they may never be paid off. You are also looking at resources that were earned for free from base so its free resources that are being spent instead. You will get to the point where resources are spent on operators just for fun and memes, so why not raise base operators which improves your income just a bit more? Most gacha games also don’t last for long enough for an operator to pay off so play for fun is what I say. That’s why I level up Ceylon and any base operators that may help my passive income any way in the slightest. The rich gets richer in this case where orundum farmers will have higher opportunities to roll and get operators and those new operators will help with the base.

Q14: Can I orundum farm to save up to 300 pulls on the upcoming limited banners. How much do I need and can I make it on time?

A14: You need a lot and you likely won’t make it to 300 pulls saved due to the limiting factors and if you are F2P. You will need 180K orundum total minus any HH tickets and PO you plan to use. 36k orirocks and 28.8M LMD needed if you plan to farm it all. Not only does it take multiple months of farming, many players can not farm that much in such a short amount of time. Fortunately, limited banners have been seen to give free pulls so far on CN so that should help (free 10x HH ticket and 1x free pull for 14 days, free random box of 200 - 800 orundum for 14 days previously seen. 24 free pulls given).

Q15: How much money is saved when you farm orundum?

A15: In terms of USD, a week’s worth of farming 1800 orundum is anywhere between $7 - $10 worth of purchasing PO from the store depending on what package and bonuses you get.

  • It is about 117 PO for 35 pulls (roughly $70 USD from cash shop without first time buy bonus).
    • Equivalent to 3.36M LMD and 4.2k orirocks to hit 35 avg pulls for a 6* operator. It will take about 11.6 weeks to farm 4.2k orirocks as a F2P (9.3 weeks as a monthly subscriber).
  • It is about 167 PO for 50 pulls (roughly $100 USD cash shop without first time buyer bonus).
    • Equivalent to 4.8M LMD and 6K orirocks to hit 50th pull pity for a 6* operator. It will take about 16.6 weeks to farm 6k orirocks as a F2P (13.3 weeks as a monthly subscriber).

Q16: Whats the most orundum you can farm in a day?

A16: You can make up to 480 a day per TP but usually it is around 250-300 orundum. The record for most ever produced orundum in a single day required a month’s worth of preparation and saving to produce over 5K orundum. Picture below. Credits to Phlegyas (Unnamed37#7344) from discord.

Arknights: RIIC Orundum Farming Guide (21)
Arknights: RIIC Orundum Farming Guide (22)

13) Credits

Thanks to the players on Arknights official discord, arknights RIHQ discord and past AO farming guides. Thank you to ScifGemini0616 from Discord for the rotation tables, and thank you to many other RIIC players. Credit to Tori#2222 for his guide in Reddit linked below and the additions to this current guide.……

Last update: Feb. 21, 2021 By Malicast#8591 from Discord

Arknights: RIIC Orundum Farming Guide (2024)
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