FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (2024)

Maygi’s POTD 1-200 Handbook (Solo/Party)

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Looking to clear floor 200? You’ve come to the right place! In this guide, I will detail absolutely everything you need to know about mob/boss mechanics and strategies to deal with them to get past each floor set.

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (1)

About Me

I personally really love POTD and have soloed floor 200 (view some mediaon my Twitch channel!). In light parties, I have cleared floor 200 countless times, and each timewithout a tankin aone healer, three dps composition.In fact, I have tanked every single run while playing either as ahealerorred mage(yes, you really don’t need a tank to go up to 200). The most important thing is knowledge, which I am going to share with you!

If you have any POTD questions at all, or would like to discuss POTD solo strategies and whatnot, please send me a message atMaygi#4987on Discord! I love messages and I love answering questions!


Maybe it’s a good time to start writing these? (4/10/2018)

5/27/2018: Updated “Movement” aggro to “Proximity” (movement was technically not a good way to describe that aggro method, as you can still attract aggro without moving, so long the monster walks within range)

4/24/2018: Finally cleared 200 solo. Maybe that makes the guide a bit more credible c:

4/10/2018: Added additional solo tips to most floor sets above 111. (121-130 is too easy!)

Table of Contents


Dealing With Treasure Rooms

How to Survive Luring Traps

Floor Guides

Floor 1-10

Floor 11-20

Floor 21-30

Floor 31-40

Floor 41-50

Floor 51-60

Floor 61-70

Floor 71-80

Floor 81-90

Floor 91-100

Floor 101-110

Floor 111-120

Floor 121-130

Floor 131-140

Floor 141-150

Floor 151-160

Floor 161-170

Floor 171-180

Floor 181-190

Floor 191-200


This section is going to go over basic POTD mechanics with a few neat tips/tricks you may have not known. If you are experienced with POTD, feel free to skip this section!

Why run POTD?

It’s a nice change from normal dungeons, in my opinion. It’s a place where party comps can be flexible, and yet still challenging even if you bring a tank. Unlike normal dungeons/trials/raids that will eventually become trivialized as newer gear and higher level caps come out, POTD will always be relevant and hard-capped at 60. Also, you get some nice loot that you can sell for gil!

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (2)
FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (3)


FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (4)

Pomanders are items that you receive from gold chests and are critical in higher floors. In order of which these appear, these are…

Safety: Removes all traps from room. Recommended to use this or sight if you are going to userageto clear a treasure room solo.

Sight:Reveals all traps from a floor, as well as the map.

Strength:Increases damage/healing by 30% for 8 minutes. Give this to your DPS or healer.

Steel:Decreases damage taken by 40%. Does not apply to % health damage. Give it to your tank and then healer.

Affluence:Increases the amount of chests on the NEXT floor. Sometimes you may see 2-3 chests in a non-treasure room, sometimes none. It’s RNG.

Flight:Decreases the amount of enemies on the NEXT floor. This reduces the amount of kills to open the Cairn of Passage from roughly 6 to 3, speeding up the floor. Recommended to use from 187-189 solo, or 197+ in a party. Treasure rooms still may spawn in a flighted floor.

Alteration:Changes all the enemies in a random room on the NEXT floor to a mimic or mandragora. Mimics are hard-hitting mobs (described later inPurity), while mandragoras are passive mobs that die in 1 hit. Both mobs have avery high chest drop rate.The best time to use alteration is if 1) you need to stock up on items or 2) you need to speed up a floor, and planned to use a rage to do so – if you get mimics, just kill them with rage and enjoy the extra chests, or if you get mandragoras, then the floor has already become easier!

Purity:Removes theaccursed poxstatus inflicted by mimics. This is a 10-minute debuff that removes natural healing, deals damage over time, and decreased damage dealt by 20%. Never underestimate the damage from pox. While pox may tick up to 300 damage per tick on higher floors, remember it also disables your natural regen, which is 1% of your max health per tick in combat. This means each tick you will have 500-600 less HP than you would otherwise.

Fortune:Increases the rate at which mobs drop chests. Recommended to use when clearing treasure rooms/alteration rooms.

Witching:Turns all mobs within a half-room radius into a chicken/toad/imp that cannot use skills and deals reduced damage. The best panic item by far, but still not the be-all and end-all that will save you from everything. Note that mob cooldowns will still tick down while witched, so they will always use their highest priority skillas soon as witching wears off.

Serenity:Removes all floor buffs and debuffs. Recommended to save for those super nasty gloom/no items/no ability floors on 181+.

Rage:The best item, ever. Turns you into a manticore for 1 minute that kills all mobs (including boss adds) in 1 hit.DOES NOT WORK IF THE FLOOR HAS KNOCKBACK DISABLED.Recommended to use fortune in conjunction with this to get as many chests as possible.

Lust:Turns you into a succubus for 1 minute and gives you access to Void Fire II, an AOE attack that applies a stack of vulnerability (+10% damage, up to 5 stacks) to any targets hit. The attack also has a potency of around 400, so it can be a DPS increase for many classes. Recommended to use on bosses for the huge +50% vulnerability debuff, or for massive AOE damage.

Intuition:Reveals the location of the accursed hoard with a golden beam. Note that not every floor has an accursed hoard, and the rate at which they appear on floors is roughly ⅓. Floors 1-50 will yield bronze-trimmed sacks, 51-100 iron, 101-150 silver, and 151-200 gold. Make sure you do not use intuition beyond the 7th floor in each set in the off chance that no hoard will spawn and you waste the effect.

Raising:Revives the first party member to be KOed. Works in solo and can be used to survive a luring trap – see more in the How to Survive Luring Trap section.

Resolution:Turns you into Kirubu for 1 minute and gives you access to the Heavenly Judge spell, an AOE similar to holy that deals damage and stuns targets. This spell will deal massively increased damage on undead targets – over 20K damage per hit without strength.


FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (5)

Credits tothis reddit threadfor images. In order, these traps are:

Impeding – silences and applies pacification to anybody in the radius (including mobs). Both are removable with Esuna, and echo drops can remove the silence.

Toading – turns the person who stepped on it into a toad for 20 seconds, who has reduced HP and cannot use any skills/items. Your worst enemy when solo, and why you should NEVER run into a room when fighting.

Landmine – deals 80% current health damage to anything in the vicinity. Can be used toclear out a ton of mobs quickly.

Luring – summons 3 random monsters from the floor (including patrols). All of them will aggro onto whoever hit the trap, but will not move for a few seconds after being summoned.

Enfeebling – applies a 1 minute debuff to the person who stepped on it, increasing damage taken by 20% and reducing damage dealt by 20%. Not removable with esuna.

Traps will spawn randomly in any floorexcept the starting room.To minimize the chance of stepping on a trap, hug the walls and trace paths that your teammates take.

Dealing with Treasure Rooms

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (6)

Treasure rooms are rooms which can spawn on any floor (flighted or not) that include 4 chests as well as 10+ mobs. These can be taken advantage of to gain a ton of chests, but can a huge hindrance as well.

Use aPomander of Fortuneif you plan on clearing out one of these rooms to receive chests. Also, consider usingSafety or Sightif you are going to charge in – there can still be a landmine amongst all that which may catch you by surprise, but if you reveal it with sight, you can use it to (mostly) kill all the mobs!

One of the easiest ways to clear a treasure room is simply by using aPomander of Rage. However, do not charge in with rage, especially on higher floors, even more so if you are solo. Be VERY CAREFUL of mobs that aggro by movement rather than sight, as you may get 1 shot if you accidentally aggro 2 or more mobs on higher floors. If you are in a party, have somebody pull mobs out for you until you feel comfortable charging in.

The other way you can deal with a treasure room is with aPomander of Witching. However, depending on how good your party is, the DPS may or may not be enough to clear everything out. On higher floors (171+), I would recommend using aPomander of Lustor aPomander of Resolution(or both!) in conjunction with witching, for massive AOE damage/vulnerability/stun. Or, you know… you could be safe and pull them out one at a time.

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (7)

A mimic treasure room (usedPomander of Alteration)… gross!

How to Survive Luring Traps

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (8)

Luring traps on high floors are what ultimately end many people’s solo or party runs. But, they are really not that bad if you know how to play around them!


If you hit a lethal luring trap while solo, you have a few options depending on how confident you are. If you know you can bind/sleep at least one of the mobs, consider using aPomander of Steel,and then bind/sleep as many mobs as you can, then focus one down and kite the others. However, when in doubt, just use aPomander of Raisingand run away from the spawn location of the trap, and when you die, the mobs will reset. Seethis videofor an example of dying with Raising, andthis videofor an example of kiting/binding.


The best way to deal with a luring trap in a party is NOT to deal with it. Unless you know 100% that you can,LET WHOEVER STEP ON THE TRAP DIE.Do not try to help them, don’t try to bind/sleep any mobs or even heal them (you don’t want ANY aggro on these mobs) – basically make sureNOBODY TOUCHES THE THEM OR THE MOBS THEY JUST SPAWNED.Just run away from where the mobs spawned, and then they will simply reset after that one person dies. You can proceed to res them afterwards.

Floor Guides

Now we will finally delve into the specifics of clearing each floor set! I recommend pulling up each relevant floor set guide and reviewing it quickly before you enter, so you know what you’re up against. Many mobs have a targeted skill that is often a cleave – I will refer to these as “double autoattacks” often.

I will detail all noteworthy mobs and assign them adanger levelfor solo/party. I will use the following levels as a guide:


One of the easiest mobs you can fight on this floor. Recommended to go out of your way to kill these to open up the Cairn of Passage.


This mob has kill potential and should be fought with care or avoided.


This mob can single handedly wipe your party.


Don’t even touch this mob, unless you are going to use aPomander of Witching.


The danger levels I will assign to the “party” category will ASSUME your party has decent enough mechanics to meet DPS checks on mobs as well as use Esuna properly. When in doubt, refer to the solo danger level!

Danger levels assigned to solo are for non-healer classes, as healers can generally get by most mobs decently.

Additionally, mobs have a few unique ways to aggro.


Mobs that aggro by sight can only see in a small cone in front of them. These are easy to sneak around. Sometimes you will need to be a bit patient and wait for them to turn around so you can sneak behind them.Video example of how to be sneaky.


Mobs that aggro by sound will aggro if you run near them, regardless of where they are facing. However, if you don’t move or toggle walk mode on, you can literally sneak right past them.However, if a patrolling sound-aggro mob walks INTO you, it will aggro on you.They might be blind but they can still feel when they bump into you.


Mobs that aggro by proximity will simply aggro if you are within their radius of detection. These mobs are very hard to avoid, and some mobs have larger detection radiuses than others (mimics, for example, have a HUGE detection radius).

Quick and dirty tip to remembering which mobs aggro in which ways

If it’s a worm or if it’s headless, then it’sSound.If it’s undead or a non-animal creature (Slime, Pudding), it’s probablyProximity.If neither, it’s probablySight.

This is just a general way to remember. These are several animal creatures that can aggro byProximity– Triceratops and Wivres for example. Specifics will be detailed in the floor set monster tables.

Floor 1-10

It all begins here!

MobDanger level (solo)Danger level (party)Aggro typeNotes
HornetCautionEasyProximityCastsFinal Stingif not killed in time, dealing a high amount of damage. You can walk away from the hornet during this time to avoid the attack.
All other mobsEasyEasyYarzon, Sprite – ProximityOthers – SightMost of these mobs can be killed in a matter of seconds.

Boss: Palace Deathgaze

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (9)

This boss is very easy, but damage should not be underestimated when solo (consider popping a potion during the fight). It uses skills in this order:

Whipcrack– a “tank-buster” that can be used in conjunction with an auto-attack for a surprising amount of burst damage.

Stormwind– a conal AOE telegraph. Avoid this.

Bombination a circular point-blank AOE telegraph that slows anybody hit.

Lumisphere– a targeted circular AOE telegraph. Avoid this.

Aeroblast– a global AOE that applies windburn, dealing light DoT damage.

General tactic – Lust on lower floors deals insane damage, as the potency of Void Fire II is much higher than low level skills. If your class can kite, you can run circles around the room and take literally 0 autoattack damage aside from the Whipcrack.

Floor 11-20

While still easy, there are a few mobs that you REALLY need to pay attention to, especially when you’re solo. BEWARE OF THE TOAD TRAPS!

MobDanger level (solo)Danger level (party)Aggro typeNotes
SlimeCautionCautionProximityWill explode and kill anybody within a large radius if not killed in time. When solo, DO NOT MOVE AROUND IN A ROOM AS YOU FIGHT THESE. If you step on a toad trap, you will most likely wipe (it is possible to kite and have a second to use witching after the toad wears out, but…)
Cobra (Patrol)CautionEasySightIf you step on a toad trap, the cobra will use a special skill “Devour”, one-shotting the toad. Like with slimes, do not move around in rooms as you fight.
All other mobsEasyEasyPudding, Ochu, Seedling, Morbol – ProximityOthers – SightMost of these mobs can be killed in a matter of seconds.

Boss: Sporge

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (10)

A simple boss, very similar to the floor 10 boss with its order of attacks. However, do not underestimate the damage of its cleave,Bloody Caress. The order of skills will be Bloody Caress (cleave), followed by two telegraphed AOEs and then a global AOE. After the global AOE, it will go to the top of the room and summon two hornets. These must be killed or they will cast an unavoidable final sting that will kill someone. Meanwhile, the boss will spam a line telegraphRotten Stenchthat will deal a very high amount of damage.

General tactic – Use Lust to kill it, and the bees, quickly (stack on it when it summons the bees so you can hit them all with the AOE). However, consider popping aSustaining Potionbefore you do so when solo, as the cleave damage is quite high.

Floor 21-30

This is the first “real” floor set, that has a normal amount of mobs per floor and rewards the normal amount of XP/tomestones.

MobDanger level (solo)Danger level (party)Aggro typeNotes
Minotaur (Patrol)CautionEasySightCasts111-Tonze Swing,a non-telegraphed point-blank AOE that deals a fair amount of damage and knockback. Can be stunned.
Skatene (Patrol)EasyEasyProximityEasy but noteworthy. Will castChirp,which puts everyone to sleep for 15s. Easier to deal with solo, because it’ll slap you back awake, but beware of getting slept as other monsters are casting their AOE skills.
All other mobsEasyEasyUrolith, Wivre – ProximityDullahan (Patrol) – SoundOthers – SightMost of these mobs can be killed in a matter of seconds.

Boss: Ningishzida

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (11)

Tl;dr – start on the side, fire, ice, fire, ice, and then run to the center.

This boss, aside from having a basic cleave, will create lingering AOEs on random players in the following pattern – fire, ice, fire, ice. Because these AOEs linger on the floor, don’t stand in the center to start out, because you don’t want the goop in the center when you have to run there. After the second ice ball, it will run to the center of the room and castFear Itself. To avoid this attack, which does high damage and inflicts terror, run to the center with it.

Floor 31-40

The boss on this floor can be hard to solo if you aren’t farming for points/XP.

MobDanger level (solo)Danger level (party)Aggro typeNotes
All mobsEasyEasyHecteyes – ProximityOthers – SightMost of these mobs are not threatening aside from their autoattack damage.

Boss: Ixtab

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (12)

Tl;dr – kill the adds

This boss will cast 4 lingering AOEs, and then summon twoNightmare Bloots. These must be killed as fast as possible (all while avoiding the AOE telegraphs cast by the boss), or else when the boss uses its global AOEScream, you will get targeted by prey and the adds will useTornado,which will most likely one shot you, especially when coupled with theShadow Flareglobal AOE which is cast right after Scream.

Floor 41-50

The end of the boring floors that nobody likes to do! Well… the boring floors really don’t end for a while, but you get what I mean…

MobDanger level (solo)Danger level (party)Aggro typeNotes
Succubus (Patrol)CautionEasySightCastsDark Mistfollowed byVoid Fire II. Dark Mist is a point blank AOE which will cause terror if it hits, so make sure you stay out of the telegraphs.
All other mobsEasyEasyPersona, Wraith – ProximityKeeper (Patrol) – SoundOthers – SightMost of these mobs are not threatening aside from their autoattack damage.

Boss: Edda Blackbosom

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (13)

Tl;dr – stay close to the boss to easily avoid theIn Healthtelegraphs.

This boss is pretty easy if you avoid her mechanics properly. She will useIn Healthin two patterns – one will require you to run away from her, and one will cover the whole map except a small area next to her. As such, stay close to her to avoid this. Aside from doing damage, each person hit by this skill will light up a rune on the floor, which increases the damage of the global AoEBlack Honeymoon. Aside from that, she will occasionally castIn Sickness, which instantly inflicts Disease on a target, but with the timing on her skills, you never have to worry about the slow from Disease making it hard to avoid a cast ofIn Health.

Floor 51-60

Obviously, everybody’s favorite floor set.

MobDanger level (solo)Danger level (party)Aggro typeNotes
All mobsEasyEasyPot, Pudding, Idol, Arch Demon – ProximityOthers – SightMost of these mobs are not threatening aside from their autoattack damage.

Boss: The Black Rider

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (14)

In a nutshell – Make sure you don’t get knocked back into one of the exploding balls on the side.

Floor 61-70

Honestly, I don’t get why people grind 51-60, because this set, and others up to 100, are just as fast if not faster, because your gear starts to scale up.

MobDanger level (solo)Danger level (party)Aggro typeNotes
All mobsEasyEasyWivre, Triceratops, Diphocaulus, Pteronod – ProximityOthers – SightMost of these mobs are not threatening aside from their autoattack damage.

Boss: Yaquaru

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (15)

In a nutshell – when it castsDouse,walk away such that the boss is completely out of the AOE so it doesn’t get buffed with Haste.

Floor 71-80

More easy floors!

MobDanger level (solo)Danger level (party)Aggro typeNotes
All mobsEasyEasySasquatch – ProximityOthers – SightMost of these mobs are not threatening aside from their autoattack damage.

Boss: Gudanna

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (16)

In a nutshell – stay away from the tornados, because they will pulse with an AOE larger than the tornados themselves, pulling you in. When it runs to the edge, run close to it, as it will useTrounce,a huge conal AOE that applies vulnerability. Burn it at 17% as it will useEcliptic Meteor,which deals 80% of your max health as damage.

Floor 81-90

Time to be a little more careful now. Maybe. Not really.

MobDanger level (solo)Danger level (party)Aggro typeNotes
BombCautionEasySightWill castSelf Destructif not killed in time. Be careful when mass pulling these in a party, and do not walk inside rooms in the event of toad/silence traps for solo.
All mobsEasyEasySprite – ProximityWamouracampa, Worm, Crawler – SoundOthers – SightMost of these mobs are not threatening aside from their autoattack damage.

Boss: The Godmother

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (17)

Tl;dr – kill orange bombs when they spawn, push blue bomb into the boss (all skills will knock it back) when it spawns.

This boss is a bit more tricky than the previous ones. It will sometimes spawn aLava Bombin the middle of a bunch of untargetable little bombs that will explode over time, and you must kill the Lava Bomb before it explodes. It can also summon aGiddy Bombwhile channelingMassive Burst.The Giddy Bomb must be pushed into the boss with any skill before it blows up. If it does, and you have to tank Massive Burst, get the heals ready, because it does 99% of everybody’s max HP (so, unaffected by any damage reduction – don’t you dare use tank LB!).

Floor 91-100

The end of the basic floors!

Consider usingPomander of Resolutionfrom floors 97-99, as all mobs are undead and you can one shot any of them (except dragons, they have too much health, and need two hits) with it.

MobDanger level (solo)Danger level (party)Aggro typeNotes
All mobsEasyEasyHippogryph – SightKeeper (Patrol) – SoundOthers – ProximityMost of these mobs are not threatening aside from their autoattack damage. That being said, it’s time to start being a bit more careful with mass pulls because some of these can actually hurt a bit, especially if you do not have a tank.

Boss: Nybeth Obdilord

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (18)

This boss shouldn’t be a problem for the most part – you don’t even need Resolution for the most part. This is how I would recommend approaching it for solo/party.


Use strength, steel, and thenSustaining Potionand lust. Spam Void Fire II for the entire duration – don’t worry, it will melt the adds as they spawn/respawn.

As soon as the transformation wears off, use another Sustaining Potion and use Resolution. Then you can spamHeavenly Judgefor a decent amount of damage for the entire duration, while removing all those corpses from the ground.


Have everybody stack on the boss, and one person use Lust and spam Void Fire II for the full duration. The Void Fire will kill all the adds and the boss should be dead within a minute.

Floor 101-110

The start of the silver bag floors! …I hate 101-150 the most, honestly, though. Like, they’re not easy enough to cheese them super hard with huge pulls, and not hard enough to be hard, if that makes any sense…

Note that all these floors, as well as their bosses, are similar to their counterparts from 1-100! E.g. floor 10 boss = floor 100 boss. The mobs on each floor are also similar for the most part, although some patrols are swapped around, and some mobs have additional skills.

Of course, mobs all hit a bit harder now…

MobDanger level (solo)Danger level (party)Aggro typeNotes
HornetCautionEasyProximityCastsFinal Stingif not killed in time, dealing a high amount of damage. You can walk away from the hornet during this time to avoid the attack.
All other mobsEasyEasyYarzon, Sprite – ProximityOthers – SightMost of these mobs are not threatening aside from their autoattack damage.

Boss: Alicanto

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (19)

This boss is similar to the 1-10 boss mechanically, it just hits a little harder. Just tank and spank!

Floor 111-120

These floors can actually be pretty scary, for solo especially. Beware the toads – both the traps and the patrols!

Solo Tips

Be very careful of patrols. Gigantoad stuns can be random at times, and Labored Leap crits can burst you for over half your HP. If you aggro a Gigantoad while you’re fighting something else, immediately use a sustain potion, and consider using witching/steel. Also, theBrackish Dropfrom theDeep Palace Nankacan one-shot you if it crits, so be VERY RESPECTFUL of that random AOE.

MobDanger level (solo)Danger level (party)Aggro typeNotes
Gigantoad (Patrol)CautionEasySightCastsSticky Tonguefollowed byLabored Leap, which can do over 6K damage. The Sticky Tongue willSTUNyou for 5 seconds if you are at range. Be very careful with these with solo, especially if you have other mobs around.
SlimeCautionEasyProximityThese Slimes will inflict a stacking physical vulnerability debuff (note that they attack with magic, though). They can still explode, like the slimes on 11-20, but it takes a much longer time.
Cobra (Patrol)CautionEasySightSame as the cobras from 11-20, except these will poison you withRegorgefor a considerable amount of damage. Beware the toad trap + cobra combo!
MorbolCautionEasyProximityStarts off the fight with an instant conal AOE that inflicts sleep and slow, followed byBad Breath. Recommended to stand in melee range so 1) it’s easier to walk out of the breath after the sleep is gone and 2) so it can slap you with an auto to wake you up from sleep.
All other mobsEasyEasyPudding, Ochu, Seedling – ProximityOthers – SightMost of these mobs are not threatening aside from their autoattack damage.

Boss: Kirtimukha

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (20)

Tl;dr – avoid AOEs, kill bees.

This boss is mechanically similar to that of floor 20.Rotten Stenchwill now be a one-shot, so make sure you avoid those telegraphed AOEs. The easiest way to deal with the bee adds is to stack on the boss and have somebody spam Lust autoattacks.

Floor 121-130

The most boring floors ever IMO.

MobDanger level (solo)Danger level (party)Aggro typeNotes
Minotaur (Patrol)CautionEasySightCasts111-Tonze Swing,a non-telegraphed point-blank AOE that deals a fair amount of damage and knockback. Can be stunned.
Skatene (Patrol)EasyEasySoundEasy but noteworthy. Will castChirp,which puts everyone to sleep for 15s. Easier to deal with solo, because it’ll slap you back awake, but beware of getting slept as other monsters are casting their AOE skills.
All other mobsEasyEasyUrolith, Wivre – ProximityDullahan (Patrol) – SoundOthers – SightMost of these mobs are not threatening aside from their autoattack damage.

Boss: Alfard

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (21)

Tl;dr – stand on side, fire, ice, fire, ice, then run to center.

Similar to the F30 boss, except this time it castsFear Itselfway faster. Run to the center immediately after the second ice ball, and make sure nobody is standing in the center prior to that, so you don’t get goop there.

Floor 131-140

If you thought the last set was a drag, well, these are even worse. At least the boss is fast, though!

Solo Tips

Be very mindful of patrols here – getting petrified by an ahriman when you are busy with other mobs can lead to a death.

MobDanger level (solo)Danger level (party)Aggro typeNotes
Ahriman (Patrol)CautionEasySightCastsLevel 5 Petrify,a non-telegraphed conal AOE. This causes 15 seconds of petrification, which is unremovable, and can easily lead to death when solo.
All other mobsEasyEasyHecteyes – ProximityOthers – SightMost of these mobs are not threatening aside from their autoattack damage.

Boss: Ah Puch (Solo Video)

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (22)

Pomander of Resolution’s Heavenly Judge skill will deal 30K damage (with Strength) to this boss. If solo, recommended to use Strength + Steel + Resolution. You don’t have to use Steel, but it makes it a lot safer, and if you don’t Steel you may have to leave mid-transformation to pop a quick sustain potion before popping another Resolution.

Floor 141-150

Things will start to get more intense here. You can stop the big pulls, now…

Solo Tips

Gargoyles hurt. Seriously. Usually you will have to kite like crazy or use a sustaining potion to deal with their damage. It can be even worse with gloom, but since they are sight-based, you can avoid them when necessary. Also, patrols are getting scarier. Especially if you already have a mob on you, such as a Gargoyle, you don’t want a Manticore jumping you as well. They buff themselves with damage up, making their auto-attacks hit over 3K, and have a non-telegraphedRipper ClawAOE that can nearly one shot you with a crit. If you pull more than one demon for any reason, consider using a witching pomander so they don’t enrage.

MobDanger level (solo)Danger level (party)Aggro typeNotes
DemonCautionEasySightCastsCharybdisif not killed in time, which will bring your party to 1% HP.
GargoyleCautionEasySightDeals a high amount of DPS with its poison and cleave attack. Not easy to engage solo without sustain potion and/or Steel.
Manticore (Patrol)CautionEasySightWill buff itself with a physical damage buff, and useRipper Claw, a non-telegraphed frontal AOE that can hit quite hard. Walk away or behind it to avoid this.
Wraith (Patrol)CautionEasyProximityWhile I didn’t mention Wraith patrols on the 40s or 90s (which are the same mechanically – they cast a huge AOE,Scream), this is when they start becoming a problem as they take longer to kill, and can spell trouble by forcing you to walk into rooms to avoid the AOE, where you might aggro other mobs or step on a trap. You can stun or silence them, however.
All other mobsEasyEasyPersona – ProximityKeeper (Patrol) – SoundOthers – SightMost of these mobs are not threatening aside from their autoattack damage.

Boss: Tisiphone (Solo Video)

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (23)

This boss can be quite difficult for melee, but a lot easier for ranged classes.

Tl;dr – kite and kill zombie adds (don’t let them touch you), succubus add is optional

Aside from avoiding telegraphs, there are a few things to look out for on this boss. After the second “Darkness, to me” call, she will summon 4Fanatic Zombiesin each corner of the room, each aggroing on one person. These will slowly crawl up to you, and grab on to you if they get close enough. If you get grabbed, you will be rooted until that zombie is dead, which might get you caught in some lethal AOEs. These zombies are weak toair magic,and can be one shot with a singleVeraerofrom a red mage. This boss will also summon aFanatic Succubusat some point, which does a fair amount of damage with its cleave and autoattack. It has 60K health, and I like to ignore it (you usually have vuln stacks on the boss, so it’s better to just hit that). If you don’t kill it, the boss will “eat” it, restoring 60K health. Shortly afterwards, the boss will cast a global AOEBlood Rain, which deals 13K damage without Steel. Heal through it as necessary, and then the attack pattern starts all over.

Floor 151-160

You’ve made it to the promised land, which drops gold-trimmed sacks (and it’s really pretty!).

There aren’t many noteworthy mobs here, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t hurt.

If you haven’t checkedHow to Survive Luring Traps, this is the time to do so.

Also, now is about the time where soloing mimics on a non-healing class (aka non-RDM/healer) will get scary unless you kite like crazy (consider using a Steel if you find one).

Solo Tips

This is about the time where I’d start making an effort to walk on the side of rooms (if you’ve always been doing that, good for you! Personally, I’m too lazy to stay on the side until 151+). Most mobs are killable without sustain potions, but always be mindful of those that can pack a punch (Puddings, Pots, etc). Be very careful of patrols – Maroliths can be quite scary with their double auto burst. Also, careful with your autoattacks when a Devilet usesIce Spikes, because each one will hurt you for like 6K damage.

Also, now it REALLY helps to stop facetanking! Kite mobs whenever you can to significantly reduce their damage output, tracing back your steps into hallways or the starting room. Be very careful not to aggro other mobs as you kite back, though!See this videofor an example on how to kite high damage mobs.


Are you not using food yet? Now is a good time to start! Look for HQ food that has +5% Vitality, which is an extra ~800-900 health for RDM! Secondary stats don’t matter as much, especially because crit/DH are base values, so technically DET is better, but through my experience, I didn’t really notice a difference. THE HEALTH REALLY HELPS, THOUGH!

MobDanger level (solo)Danger level (party)Aggro typeNotes
Pot, Deadeye, Pudding, Marolith (Patrol)CautionEasyAll but deadeye – ProximityDeadeye – SightHas a cleave/double autoattack. Be careful with their burst damage, and use sustain potions if necessary.
All other mobsEasyEasyArch Demon (Patrol) – ProximityOthers – SightMost of these mobs are not threatening aside from their autoattack damage.

Boss: Totesritter (Solo Video)

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (24)

While mechanically similar to the F60 boss, this one can hit like a truck. While youcansolo it without steel (on RDM at least), I really, really would recommend using steel for this boss and beyond.

The bleed puddles created by theHail of Sorrowinstant AOE hurt like crazy, dealing over 5K damage if you eat a tick. Other than that, make sure you don’t get knocked into an exploding ball on the edge or you will be nearly one shot.

Floor 161-170

Again, not many noteworthy mobs, but certainly plenty that hit like a truck. Also, now is a good time to start remember which mobs aggro by movement verses sight…

Solo Tips

Nothing too hard here, but remember the mobs that aggro by movement (e.g. no sneaking around them). Wivres, Triceratops, and Crocs are the most threatening mobs here in terms of DPS – DEFINITELY use a sustain potion if you pull one of them, and again, watch out for those patrols! If you are playing RDM/healer, I would recommendSurecastto secure your heals, because their double autoattack can frequently interrupt your casts. Sustaining potion won’t always save you – remember about those no-item floors! Speaking of floor debuffs,Gloomfloors become quite scary here as well. I would avoid those double-auto mobs (Wivre, Triceratops, etc) under Gloom, but in the event you have to kill them, be very on-point with your heals or consider using aSteelif you really want to be safe.

MobDanger level (solo)Danger level (party)Aggro typeNotes
Wivre/Triceratops/CrocCautionEasyWivre/Triceratops – ProximityCroc – SightThese have cleave/double autoattacks and are very bursty. Additionally, Wivres and Triceratopsaggro by movement,so you cannot sneak behind them.
All other mobsEasyEasyDiphocaulus, Pteronod – ProximityOthers – SightMost of these mobs are not threatening aside from their autoattack damage.

Boss: Yulunggu (Solo Video)

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (25)

This boss is similar to the F70 boss, except the water puddle fromDousewill buff it with haste and physical damage up. The tank should pull this boss slowly in a circle around the map, making sure to move it out of everyDousepuddle it creates.

Solo tips:

Save sprint/backstep abilities for the firstHeavyeffect applied with diminishing returns, as you will need it to avoid the upcomingElectrogenesisAOE. (sprint when the Heavy has around 7 seconds left).

Floor 171-180

This is where you’ll start to find some scary mobs, and a boss that many new parties wipe to.

Solo Tips

This is the first set of floors where time starts becoming a real constraint when conserving items. That being said, the next set is INCREDIBLY difficult, so saving a full load of items is highly recommended. You may need to use aSteelto get past some unavoidable Sasquatches – while they are killable without it, a single crit fromBrowbeatand you’ll get close to 1-shot. If you choose to save your steel, DEFINITELY have a raising active and be extremely on-point with heals. Also, please be mindful of floor effects.HP Down Debuffis very scary here, as it will make it that much easier to get one shot by something like a Sasquatch. If there is HP Debuff + Gloom, stay FAR away from any double-autoattack mobs, or consider using aSteelorRageto get through the floor – or of course,Serenity.

If you’re really pushing for 190+, it is very important that you go into 181+ with as many steels as possible. As such, you may want to consider savingSteelfor only the boss. However, sometimes there may be a Sasquatch sitting in your way that must be killed – this is where you use anInfusion of Vitality.Warning: this will put yourMax potionon cooldown for 4.5 minutes. However, for the next 30 seconds, you will have roughly 2K more health, which is enough to survive a browbeat crit + auto combo (unless the auto crits too!). You still need to be very careful with heals, and again, I would have aRaisingactive in the event you get double-crit.

You REALLY want to enter 181+ withall 3 Rages, but depending on time constraints, you may find yourself using one earlier. Judge the situation and determine if you need it!

MobDanger level (solo)Danger level (party)Aggro typeNotes
Bandersnatch, LionCautionEasySightThese have cleaves/double autos. Be careful when solo.
WolfScaryEasySightHas a cleave that applies Frostbite, a powerful DOT. Get Esuna/Erase ready to remove this from whoever gets hit by it.It’s possible to solo as RDM by kiting and spamming a lot of tether to buy time to heal, but still – just try NOT to pull one of these.
Wisent (Patrol)CautionCautionSightWhile these are easy to kill, they have a DPS check where if not killed in time, they will suck everyone in, apply a HUGE heavy debuff (like 95-99% slow), and do a stomp that will deal around 90% of a DPS’s health and apply Paralysis. Be careful if you pull multiple at the same time.
Snowclops (Patrol)CautionCautionSightHas 2 one-shot skills with no telegraph –Glowerand100-tonze swing. Glower is a frontal line AOE which is cast almost immediately after being pulled, and 100-tonze swing is a point-blank AOE (so, walk away from it). These can be stunned.
SasquatchCautionCautionProximityThese aggro by movement, and have two skills that they cast when not in combat –Ripe BananaandChest Thump.Ripe Banana will give it a huge physical damage buff, and then it will proceed to cast Chest Thump many times, dealing AOE damage to anybody within a one room radius while applying stacks of physical vulnerability. As such, do not fight mobs near rooms with Sasquatches in them.NEVER pull a Sasquatch that is buffed, or else you will be one shot – always wait for the buff to wear out.Highly recommended to use Steel if solo, as a Browbeat crit will do 13K, 1 shotting you if paired with an autoattack.
Bird of the deep palaceCautionCautionSightThese do a reasonable amount of damage with their cleaves, but you need to watch out for theirRevelationability which is an AOE that applies confusion.After fighting these for a little while, they will castTropical Wind, granting them a huge haste and damage buff. During this time, they will spamRevelationexclusively (you may still get autoattacked in melee range), where each one is pretty much a guaranteed one shot. You can stun the buff or remove the haste with a slow effect.
AnzuImpossibleCautionSightHas a cleave that applies a DOT, and spamsFlying Frenzy,which targets a random party member, dealing huge damage, stun, and applying vulnerability in an AOE around that member. Spread out. Don’t even try to fight this solo, EVER.
All other mobsEasyEasySightMost of these mobs are not threatening aside from their autoattack damage.

Boss: Dendainsonne (Solo Video)

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (26)

This boss is similar to that of F80, with a few key differences. First, it will castCharybdistwice in a row now, so tornados will be everywhere.Trouncewill not be a one-shot but will deal around 13K damage without Steel (it CAN crit! Watch out!). However,Lightningbolt(frontal conal telegraph) will one shot a DPS without Steel, but… what is a DPS without Steel doing standing in front of the boss?

The hardest part of this boss is when it drops under 17%. It will spamEcliptic Meteorover and over again, and the cast time is much faster than that of F80 – meteors will strike down 80% of everybody’s maximum health every9 seconds. As such, it is smart to use Lust around 50% to make sure the Lust debuff will be up for the burn phase (wait until 30% for solo). Save your LB2 for this (TANKS, DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT TANK LB BECAUSE IT DOESN’T DO ANYTHING).

If you have no faith in your party’s DPS, RDM/Healers get ready for an intense solo! Simply use a sustain potion and heal yourself twice between meteors, while squeezing in as much DPS as possible.

Never stand in melee range in FRONT of the boss while it spams meteors, as it is allowed to autoattack you between meteors if you do so, thus one-shotting you! (video example)

Solo tips

I will assume you are a RDM if you plan on clearing this solo – it’s pretty simple, when the boss gets low, just do something like Vercure + Verlightning, Vercure + Veraero. That’s it. Also, considerNOT USING LUST FOR THIS BOSS IF YOU HAVE THE TIME.Having 3 Lusts available for 190 boss canSAVE YOU A STEEL, WHICH IS INCREDIBLY VALUABLE.

Floor 181-190

This is probably the scariest set of floors, in terms of the skills that mobs use. Do not even try to deal with a luring trap on these floors – let whoever hit it die!

This set is where positioning and awareness are key. With Chimeras (“Garms”) on patrol, you and your whole party need to be on point with positioning as to avoid unwanted patrols when fighting other mobs.Pulling two dangerous mobs at the same time will quickly lead to a wipe!

Solo Tips

Luckily, especially for solo, a lot of the scary mobs aggro by sound only, meaning if you turn on walk, you can literally walk through them/right in front of them and not aggro them.

Floors 187-189 will have a lot of mobs that are impossible/scary to kill (the best option being worms, claws, archeosaurs, and garms, the first two only being killable withSteel), so consider saving flight/rage to pass those floors. Also, consider using alteration to generate some more killable mobs (mimics are killable withoutSteelif you kite and play carefully).

Serenity?(and other floor effects)

No items? No thanks!

When you get a no-items floor, REALLY CONSIDER using aSerenity.Even easy mobs, such as a Wamoura (the patrol one that has a telegraph), will require a lot of self-healing, which will in turn drag the floor on for many more valuable minutes (time is an EXTREME constraint for this set).

181-183 no items or gloom: You can survive probably, it’s not that bad, just pick off those Grenades/Wamouras (NOT Wamouracampa!!). I would stay away from Sprites.

184-186: no items or gloom: Gauge your remaining time and determine if it’s really necessary to use an item to bypass this

187-189: no items/gloom/HP down: NOPE NOPE NOPE. I wouldHIGHLY RECOMMENDhaving aFlightactive for these floors (e.g. use flight on 186/187/188) – the later, the better (or all 3 if you have to). See the section below.

Floor 187-189

These floors need their own special mention because of how disgusting they are. You literally have next to no mobs that you can solo without poms, except theGarm.This is how I would deal with these floors:

Floor 186: UseAffluenceahead of time if you still have some, as well asAlteration(mimics/mandragoras drop more chests)

Floor 187: UseSight/Safety(optional, but safer),Fortune,andRage. Use anotherAlteration.

Floor 188: Same as 187. Still have anotherRage? Use it for 189IF YOU HAVE 3 LUSTSor if your time is running short. If not, use aFlight/Alteration.

Floor 189: If you haveRage, good for you! Your life is easy. If you don’t, then your other option is to take advantage of theFlightand find 3 mobs to kill. With Alteration, your options are Garms/Mimics/Mandragora (as if you would ever get Mandragora knowing the RNG in here). If you HAVE to, then use a Steel – ONLY if you have more than one – the leftover time on the Steel will bleed over to the boss, which will require 2 Steels for the most part.

Depending on time, you may or may not need to use your Rages. For reference, I have gotten to 190 with all 3 Rages up before. I Flighted each floor from 187-189 and killed mimics to open, and even got a bonus steel to kill some archeosaurs with.

MobDanger level (solo)Danger level (party)Aggro typeNotes
Wamouracampa/ archeosaurCautionEasyWamouracampa – SoundArcheosaur – SightHas a cleave or double autoattack. Can kill a non-tank with crits, even with on-point healing + sustain potion. Be very cautious and consider using Steel. Wamouracampas aggro by sound and are blind, so you can walk to avoid them. Wamouracampas, when kited, aren’t that bad, but I would try not to pull an archeosaur unless you have to.
ClawScaryEasySightWill suck in a random member and stab them for a decent amount of damage. Also has a targeted AOETail Screwthat deals damage and applies slow. It is killable solo by a healer/RDM if you use Steel.
WormScaryCautionSoundRandomly hits people within half a room with an instant AOE that deals a fair amount of damage. Has a double-auto, and a DPS check (around 30 seconds)where it will suck everyone in and deal 20K damage. It is possible to tank this and then heal through it as a healer/RDM with Steel, but with crits, you will be dead.These aggro by sound, so you can toggle walk to avoid them.
CrawlerImpossibleCautionSoundThese have an instant conal AOE burst attack that deals 7K damage (on top of their 5K autoattack) and applies a strong slow effect. Additionally, they have an instant conal AOE poison attack that ticks for 3K damage a tick. Spread out when you fight these, and get that Esuna ready.These aggro by sound, so you can toggle walk to avoid them.
Flood DragonImpossibleCautionSightThese have an instant circular AOE burst attack that inflicts a very potent DoT, similar to crawlers. Get Esuna/Erase ready, and spread out so multiple people don’t get hit.
Garm (Patrol)ScaryScaryProximityAggros by movement, and has an arsenal of one-shot abilities. The two main skills are “The Ram’s Voice” and “The Dragon’s Voice”. Ram is a point-blank AOE, and Dragon is a ~3/4 room sized AOE with a safe spot in the middle. So, when you see Ram being channeled, run away, and then if you see Dragon, run inside. These can be silenced. Note that in my experience, people get hit by Ram 10x more often than Dragon, as Ram casts faster.If you are proficient with dodging these mechanics, these are actually the easiest mobs to kill when solo from 187-189. But, DO NOTE that they can autoattack crit for 10K damage!
All other mobsEasyEasySprite – ProximityOthers – SightMost of these mobs are not threatening aside from their autoattack damage.

Boss: The Godfather (Solo Video)

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (27)

This boss is similar mechanically to the 90 boss, except with colors flipped around. This means that you kill the BLUE bomb when it spawns (Remedy Bomb) and you push the RED bomb into the boss (Lava Bomb). Note that if you get hit by a blue bomb explosion orSap, you will be inflicted with Deep Freeze and will most likely die if you do not have Steel.

This boss’s cleaveScalding Scouldingcan hit extremely hard (12K with no steel), so if you are tanking on a non-tank class or soloing, you need to have very good timing on your heals to keep yourself peaked up for the incoming cleaves.

Solo Tips

Did you make it here WITHOUT having to Steel on 189? Excellent! If you have 3Lustpomanders, consider using all 3 – if things go right, you can finish the boss off in just oneSteel. However, remember,DO NOT OPEN WITH LUST.The boss will cleave right away and you may die before you get the stacks off. There is a window in the boss’s rotation where he will cast 2 Saps in a row – that is the perfect time to Lust. See the solo video for reference.

Floor 191-200

The home stretch! Hopefully you saved some safety/sights to disable/reveal all the traps on the later floors, or have spare raisings in order to deal with potential lure traps.

These mobs aren’t as scary as the 180 ones, but that doesn’t mean they don’t hurt, because some of them really pack a punch. However, you can use Resolution to kill most of the mobs on this set in just 3 hits!

Note that almost every mob on this set aggros by movement, so there’s no way to sneak around any of them.Keeperpatrols aggro by sound, so you can stand still or walk to avoid them. This is critical, because they hit like a truck.

Again – while the mobs aren’t mechanically difficult – they hit really hard. You will need to be on your toes and look out for patrols all the time to make sure you don’t fight two at the same time.

Everything that is caution+ (except Wraiths) is impossible without Steel for solo, actually…

Solo tips

If you have affluence, pop it ASAP. The idea to clear is this:

191-193: Use no poms. Pick off mummies, traps, and dragons.

  • Note: Be VERY CAREFUL when fighting mummies/dragons, or anything else for that matter, with no room to kite. You will need to be very on-point with your healing if you are forced to stand still and fight them (e.g. ifIron Corsepatrols are roaming nearby)
  • Pay close attention to theIron Corsepatrols, which can instantly one shot you if you aggro them. If you pull one by accident, you have to Steel/witch/pray to RNGesus that you don’t get crit.

194-196: Pick off dragons and fachans. There may be mobs that you can’t sneak around. If you have to fight some, useStrengthandSteel. You always want to haveStrengthrunning if you are going to pop aSteel, in order to maximize its effectiveness. Clearing 194+ depends very closely on how many steels you have.

197+: If you have flights, use them before this set. You can cheese mobs with Resolution (takes around 3 hits – Gourmands and Wraiths can be stunned), though this may be dangerous if you don’t haveSteelactive. Killing mobs quickly with Resolution can help make better use of your precious steel time – and of course, don’t forget the timer! Even though there’s no boss, time will be short.

Refer to the solo video link below for a visual reference!

191-200 Solo Video

MobDanger level (solo)Danger level (party)Aggro typeNotes
Mummy/Trap/ DragonEasyEasyProximityTrap – SoundEasiest mobs to pick on on the lower floors.Note that, unlike any other dragon, the ones on this set aggro by movement. TheirEvil Eye(red eye mechanic) is a one shot, so make sure to look away.
Hippogryph/Corse/GourmandCautionEasyHippogryph – SightOthers – ProximityThese hit really hard with their cleave/double autoattacks. Don’t try to fight them solo without Steel.
Fachan (Patrol)CautionCautionSightSimilar to Ahrimans from 130s, these have a no-telegraph conal AOE, except instead ofLevel 5 Petrify,they castLevel 5 Death. From the name, it’s pretty obvious what happens if you get hit.
KnightScaryCautionProximityThese do crazy damage, you don’t even want to fight them solo. They will also cast a doughnut-shaped AOEDeath Spiral,dealing around 20K damage to anybody not standing next to it.NEVER PULL THESE WHEN A WRAITH IS NEARBY.
WraithCautionCautionProximityThese will cast an AOE from across rooms at you, which will one shot anybody hit (for the most part). NEVER pull a knight when one of these is around, because their AOEAccursed Poxwill fill in theDeath Spiraldoughnut, leaving you with nowhere to run.
KeeperScaryCautionSoundNothing too special about these aside from the fact that they are the highest DPS monsters in here. Spread out to avoid taking unnecessary AOE damage, or avoid them entirely by walking when they are nearby.

And the final boss is… the firecrest/glass pumpkin!

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (28)

Congratulations on making it to the end! I hope this guide was helpful in guiding you or your friends to clear 200. ^^

FFXIV FF14 1-200 POTD 1-200 Guide Solo/Party - Gamerstips (2024)
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