How to Get Capital Gain Statement for Mutual Funds (2024)

Investing in mutual funds can be a smart way to grow your money over time. However, keeping track of your investments and understanding how they perform is crucial for making informed decisions. One important document you may need to assess your mutual fund investments is the Capital Gains Statement. This statement provides details about the gains or losses you have incurred on your mutual fund redemptions during a specific period. Knowinghow to get capital gain statement for mutual funds can help you evaluate your investment performance and plan your financial goals effectively.

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How to get capital gain statement for mutual funds

Accessing your mutual fundscapital gains statements can be done through three straightforward methods:

1.Online Investment Platforms

Investors can retrieve their capital gains statements via online investment platforms like the Bajaj Finserv Platform by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Open the ‘Bajaj Finserv’ website or app.
  • Step 2: Go to the ‘Mutual Funds’ section under the ‘Investments’ section.
  • Step 3:Now go to the ‘Account’ section.
  • Step 4:After that, click or tap on ‘Reports & Statement’.
  • Step 5: Select:
    • ‘Account Statement’
    • ‘All’ or ‘Current Financial Year’ or ‘Previous Financial Year’
  • Step 6: Tap on ‘Download’, and that’s it!

2.RTAs like CAMS and KFin technologies limited

If you are investing through multiple platforms, you can get a combined capital gains statement fromRegistrar and Transfer Agents(RTAs). These SEBI-approved entities handle the administrative tasks for fund houses, allowing them to focus on managing investments.

Here is how to access KFin Technologies Limited's capital gains statement for mutual funds:

  • Step 1: Visit KFin Technologies Limited's official website and click on 'Mutual Fund Investors'.
  • Step 2: Create an account if you don't have one already.
  • Step 3: Click on 'Statements and Reports' and then select 'Capital Gains Statements'.
  • Step 4: Choose the 'Capital Gain Consolidated Statement' option.
  • Step 5: Select 'Previous Financial Year' and 'All Funds' from the dropdown menus. Enter your email ID, password, PAN, and mutual fund type.
  • Step 6: The statement will be sent to your registered email ID.

To access CAMS' capital gains statement for mutual funds, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the CAMS webpage and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Step 2: Select 'Statements' and then click on 'Capital Gain/Loss Statement'.
  • Step 3: Enter required details and choose the correct financial year.
  • Step 4: Provide the email ID registered with mutual funds and select 'All Funds' from the category list.
  • Step 5: Click on 'Email an encrypted attachment' and set a password for accessing the statement via email.
  • Step 6: When you receive the email, enter the password to view your capital gains statement.

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3.Mutual Fund Companies or AMCs

For investors who have diversified their investments across various platforms, including online and offline avenues, they will receive their capital gains statement directly from the mutual fund companies they have invested in. Here's how they can retrieve it:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of the respective mutual fund company.
  • Step 2: Log in using the provided credentials.
  • Step 3: Once logged in, download the capital gains report for mutual funds from the website.

Managing capital gains statements from multiple mutual fund companies can become challenging due to the manual nature of this process.

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Obtaining your Capital Gains Statement for mutual fund investments is crucial for understanding your investment performance and making informed financial decisions. By leveraging online investment platforms, registrars like CAMS and KFin Technologies Limited, or directly reaching out to mutual fund companies, investors can easily access this important document. If you have bought mutual funds from Bajaj Finserv AMC, you can directly download the Capital Gains Statementby visiting the Bajaj Finserv platform. Regularly reviewing your Capital Gains Statement allows you to track your investments, identify trends, and adjust your portfolio strategy accordingly. Stay informed and empowered to make the most of your mutual fund investments.

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How to Get Capital Gain Statement for Mutual Funds (2024)


How to Get Capital Gain Statement for Mutual Funds? ›

Step 1: Investors need to go to the official website of a particular mutual fund house and log in with their credentials. Step 2: After logging in successfully, they have to download the capital gains report for mutual funds from the site.

How do I get a statement of investment from a mutual fund? ›

In respect of mutual fund investors who have registered their e-mail, the respective Mutual Funds send a PDF of account statement within 5 working days after each financial transaction. However, if investors who have NOT registered their e-mail ID will get only the monthly CAS.

Do mutual funds report capital gains? ›

Capital gains distributions

Mutual funds may keep some of their long-term capital gains and pay taxes on those undistributed amounts. You must report your share of these unpaid distributions as long-term capital gains, even though you did not actually receive a distribution.

How do I download my equity capital gain statement? ›

Here's how you can obtain them: Log in to Your Account: Visit the site or app of the online platform you use and log in to your account. Navigate to Portfolio/Reports: Look for the "Portfolio" or "Reports" section on the platform. Here, you can usually find a "Capital Gain Statement" option.

How to download capital gain statement from Axis mutual fund online? ›

On 'My Portfolio – Reports' by clicking on Capital Gain/Loss Statement you can view your Capital Gain/Loss Statement. By default it displays Capital Gain/Loss of the current Financial Year. You can change the Year by clicking on the drop down of the Financial Year which has 3 recent options.

How do I get a mutual fund capital gains statement? ›

Accessing your mutual funds capital gains statements can be done through three straightforward methods:
  1. Online Investment Platforms. ...
  2. RTAs like CAMS and KFin technologies limited. ...
  3. Mutual Fund Companies or AMCs.

How do I download a mutual fund statement for tax proof? ›

Step 1: Investors need to go to the official website of a particular mutual fund house and log in with their credentials. Step 2: After logging in successfully, they have to download the capital gains report for mutual funds from the site.

How to calculate capital gains tax on mutual funds? ›

Long-term capital gains tax on equities funds is 10% plus 4% cess if the gain in a fiscal year exceeds Rs 1 lakh. Long-term capital gains to Rs. 1 lakh are tax-free.

Are capital gains taxed if they are reinvested? ›

The taxpayers can minimize or avoid paying tax by reinvesting capital gains from residential house property under the Income Tax Act, 1961. The taxpayer can either reinvest the capital gains in bonds or in a residential property. The taxpayer needs to fulfil a few conditions in both of the options to gain tax benefits.

Do I have to pay capital gains tax immediately? ›

It is generally paid when your taxes are filed for the given tax year, not immediately upon selling an asset. Working with a financial advisor can help optimize your investment portfolio to minimize capital gains tax.

How do you show proof of mutual funds? ›

2)Digital proofs like demat or mutual fund statements should include the investor name, PAN, and closing portfolio value. 3)Physical documents like bank FDs must have all maturity details highlighted. 4)Proof amounts should precisely match claimed deduction amounts.

Where can I find mutual fund investment details? ›

AMC Website/Mobile App: Most AMCs offer online portals or mobile apps where you can view your portfolio details and track performance. Online Portfolio Trackers: Third-party financial platforms offer portfolio trackers that allow you to aggregate your investments from multiple AMCs.

How do I get my CAS statement online? ›

How To Generate CAS Online?
  1. Step 1: Click on Investor Services from the menu bar. ...
  2. Step 2: Click on Consolidated Account Statement 'CAMS+KFin Technologies Limited+FTAMIL+SBFS'
  3. Step 3: Provide details regarding the registered email and password (CAMS will send this password).
Dec 13, 2023

How do I get a statement of funds? ›

The bank writes the proof of funds letter, but you may need to request it in writing. When asking for this documentation, request a POF letter for the desired amount. Your financial institution should be able to generate the letter within a day.

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