Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of July 7, 2024 (2024)

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of July 7, 2024

Judy Note: We can no longer ignore the tortured children of Satan Worshippers.

We can no longer ignore thatwe have sent billions of US Taxpayer dollars to the CIA Black Budget that hasbeen used to rape, torture and kill children in their Satan Worshipping MindControl programs.

We can no longer ignorethat US Presidents Clinton, Obama and Biden have worked with the Vatican andCrown of England to foster an international Child Sex Trafficking Ring thatrapes, tortures, kills, harvests organs and the Adrenochrome of children in a depravedhonor of Satan.

We can no longer ignorethat sick Global, Political and Hollywood Elites worship Satan by raping,torturing and killing children in their quest for power and glory.

We as a society can no longer ignore thetortured children, because if we continue to do so, we can no longer considerourselves human.

·FromAnthony Weiner’s laptop welearn that way back in 2013 the NYPD knew of (but were forced to cover up, with certaindetectives mysteriously dying) an official AG Report that revealed thatimmigrant children were going missing in the thousands, plus Obama, theClintons, US corporations, various mafias, the FBI and CIA were involved incover up of those missing children, along with a cover up of Intel on Pizzagateand Pedogate that tied into an international Child Sex Trafficking Ring run bythe Vatican.

·Tenyears ago on 1 July 2014during the Obama Administration (2009-2017) The Washington Spectatorreportedthat “Cartels have moved into the human-smuggling business, imprisoningwould-be border crossers, charging high rates, or requiring border crossers,including children, to act as drug mules or prostitutes. The former WachoviaBank (now Wells Fargo), Bank of America, and Western Union all made or continueto make millions from drug money collected in the U.S. and sent or launderedback to Mexico. General Dynamics, Motorola and Raytheon were doing well by the(human child trafficking prompted) so-called border security build-up.”Obama, Clintons, Mafia Child Trafficking

·Children crossing theUS border in the thousands have been kidnapped, or sold into child sextrafficking to fulfill pedo-sex requests of high ranking US officials, includingmembers of the US Congress and state legislators, according to Intelligencesources. A significant number of those high ranking elites have been undersurveillance for quite some time, with some caught making calls for childrenthey “ordered” for sex.CIA,Vatican, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Soros, Royals Child Sex Trafficking

·Sat. 6 July 2024 Situation Update: Judy Byington: Un-Redacted: Trump, QMovement’s Primary Goal: Save The Children United We Stand. WWG1WGA!!! Q.Special Intel Report 7/6/24

·Sat. 6 July 2024 The Deep State – Revealed: Elite Child Trafficking – Exposed; TheBanking Cartel – Spotlighted; The Hollywood Illusion – Shattered; The MediaEmpire – Crumbling. We’re watch the death of the control Matrix in real time,and it’s glorious.

·Sat. 6 July 204 RFK Jr: “The CIA works formilitary contractors,providing a steady pipeline of forever wars. The health agencies are controlledby the pharmaceutical industry, which profits from chronic disease. The Fed,held captive by big banks, floods the canyons of Wall Street with money. Theagencies that are supposed to be stewards of American security, prosperity andhealth are no longer working on behalf of you and me. They’ve become sockpuppets for the industries they are supposed to regulate."

·Sat. 6 July 2024 SupremeCourt Paves Way for Med Beds: The Supreme Court has quietly made a decision on theChevron Case that could bring med beds to the forefront of medical innovation.

·Since 1913 RothschildCentral Bankers have been using their stolen US Taxpayer Dollars toeffectively enslave billions in America and Worldwide.

·Ukraine is literally theCabal’s World Capitol and Birthplace of the Rothschild, US Inc, Soros Globalist Empire ofBankers, Khazarian Mafia and Open Society with all of its Tentacles.

·Sat. 6 July 2024 Jill Biden was secretly removing belongings from theWhite House and the family was planning to vacate the White House soon. It'squite possible Joe Biden will resign nextweek.

·Sat. 6 July 2024: Alert! Martial Law Imminent: UN TroopsDeployed Across the U.S. as Pentagon Prepares for Civil Unrest – “OperationPeacekeeper” Launched!

·Sat. 6 July 2024: HAARP: The Shadowy Force Behind EarthquakeWeapons – The Big One: California’s Looming Catastrophe


·Sat. 6 July 2024: Bombshell Report! Judy Byington: Trump, QMovement’s Primary Goal: Save The Children. United We Stand. WWG1WGA!!!Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sat. 6 July 2024

A. Timing:

·Thurs. 4 July 2024: Trump Gives Military the Go Ahead- Truth in 3-5 Days:

·Q Drop 370 (18 Dec. 2017) Fri. 4 July 2024 will be worth the wait where the freighttrain has left the station, while the clock has started the ten days. Brazilstarted payments. The First Arrest will shock the World. We will never, eversurrender.

·Fri. 4 July 2024: Japan has begun the Global Currency Reset:

B. EmergencyBroadcast System Alert:

·Wewill receive seven Trumpets(akaEBS Text messages) on our phones alerting us on what is happening and urging usto tune into our TV and radios.

·Onour TVs and Radios the EBS will play eight hour documentariesthree times a day for ten days (calledTen Days of Communication Darkness).

·TheInternet and ATMswillnot work during the ten days.

·Phoneswill only work for 911 calls,but we can obtain a Signal App from the Military which will secure thephones for regular use.

·Thedocumentarieswillcover topics of arrests, tribunals, fraud, corruption, pedophilia.

·Afterthe Ten Days of Communication Darkness,all phones, TVs, radios and computers will connect to the newQuantum Internet run on the secure Star Link Satellite System.

·Wewill be called into Redemption Centerswhere we will receive NESARA payments and be connected toour bank accounts (identified by our own body rhythms) through the new QuantumSystem. Banks will no longer have access to our monies.

·Fromnow on all Voting will be doneover our phones and computers through the new secure QuantumSystem. No more voter fraud.

C. Global Currency Reset:

D. Guesses of a Possible Timeline for RV, forward from JR. on Telegram

·On June 8th there would be 120 days for new election.

·We are supposed to have RVbefore NESARA was officially released to public to getaccounts set up in the month of July.

·Med-Bed release to the public was supposed to happen in the month of July.

·Almost all RV GURUS and Intelhave all stated we should only take 10days to go through all the currency holders before lockdowns (since they aregoing to be open 24/7 for 10 days) More redemption centers in higher populatedareas. Our email confirmations an Ph #s have been given to 5 + websites.

·All Intel states were going to have 3 to 10 day lockdown ofthe internet to reveal to the masses. This is when they announce at the END ofthat announcement.

·They have new QFSaccounts that they will have to go in. To get thereQuantum account set up at the closest bank or redemption centre in their area.

·EMAILS have to come in from now up to no later than Tuesday June 9th to get into theRedemption Centers before the lockdowns.

·JULY 20th to start lockdowns for 10 days to get QFS anMED-BEDS released to the world at the very end of this MONTH

E. Judy Note: What we think we know as ofSun. 7 July 2024:

·There will be an Internet Blackout.

·The White Hat Military is in control of the redemption process,which has released funds across the World for the Global Currency Reset.

·All banks have signed Non Disclosure Agreements.

·The funds come directly from the US Treasury Department of DefenseOperations – that go out to Treasury Departments in other countries.

·Japan has revalued their currency.

·Bond Holders have begun to be paid in Brazil.

·Notifications have gone out to Tier 4a, a small group ofTier4b and some Bond Holders.

·NESARA was set to be announced on Mon. 8 or Tues. 9 July – which would coordinate with a SupremeCourt announcement on 2020 Election Fraud – which could dissolve the BidenAdministration and all of Congress and set the stage for a new Election in 120days, or by November.

·Sat. 6 July 2024 Wolverine. “It has started. It is a process hopefullycompleted by the 20th.I’m hoping to get the Green Light in a few days.”

·Fri. 5 July 2024 Texas Snake: “Well folks it's not like we haven't heardthis before but, I just got off a call from Hong Kong, London, NYC, Reno, andme. They are indicating that certain bond holder groups are having fundsdisbursed to paymasters over thisweekend and that we as currency holders should remain vigilante fornotifications this coming week. An FYI only as banker has not suggested same.

·Sat. 6 July 2024: Bombshell Report! This is your FinancialBible | This is the Quantum Financial System Manual of GESARA-NESARA & XRP!

F. Global Financial Crisis:

·Sat. 6 July 2024 This is absolutely insane: Annual US government spending reached aMASSIVE $6.5 trillion in May, just $1.1 trillion below the March 2021 record.The government total outlays have DOUBLED in just a decade. To put this intoperspective, this is more than the size of most world economies except the USand China. Meanwhile, the US budget deficit hit $1.7 trillion, or 6.2% of GDPover the last 12 months. In the past, such levels of spending have onlyoccurred during major crises. What’s the long-termplanhere?

·Sat. 6 July 2024: 90% of all trade between China and Russia isconducted in Ruble or Yuan after ditching the US Dollar.

G. Restored Republic:

Real News for Real Patriotsfrom the Judy Byington Report—Part 52 | Ellis Washington Report

·From the Shadows for 150years (1871-2021) the Rothschild Central Bankers in particularly have beenusing their stolen wealth of hundreds of trillions of dollars to effectivelyenslave hundreds of millions of people in America, including billions andbillions of people worldwide under the treacherous legislation called theDistrict of ColumbiaAct of 1871.

·In England this law wascalled the1871 Act of Englandand a version of this evil, Machiavellian legislationthat has enslaved the monetary system and thus the economy of America and theworld for 150 years exits in virtually every one of the 209 United Nationsmember state countries in the world imprisoned inside the perpetual bondage ofChattel Slavery and Debt Slavery TO THIS DAY!

·*N.B.: For further researchand reading,seemy comprehensive5-part essay series on the History of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (akaFederal Reserve Central Bankers).

·This little-known but stolenHistory of Humanity has allowed a very small Cabal of super rich, narcissistic,psychopaths belonging to various Satanic cults and secret societies called among other names—Rothschild KhazarianMafia, the Illuminati, the BritishMonarchy (and all the Monarchies of Europe), Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Skulland Bones, the Vatican, the Jesuits, and other secret societies along withtheir allied institutions including—Council of 13, Committee of 300,Octagon Group, Trilateral Commission, World Economic Forum, UnitedNations, International Monetary Fund, Council on Foreign Relations, BilderbergGroup, DAVOS, and other Globalist, elitist entities connected to the SatanicNew World Order aka, to impose a One World Government based not on Freedom butbased on Tyranny, Treachery andDemocide.

·Ukraine is literally theWorld Capitol and birthplace of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia and theheadquarters of George Soros and his Open Society Globalist Empire with all of itstentacles.

·George Soros openlydiscussed his investments in Ukraine and about Joe Biden’s involvement there. “I also want to mentionthat there is one person who has been very deeply involved in Ukraine, and thatis Biden”.

·George Soros’s foundationwas set up in Ukraine in 1990 and is his financial base to conduct his activitiesall over the world. Modern Ukraine was set up by the Cabal. “I set up afoundation in Ukraine, before Ukraine became independent of Russia” – GeorgeSoros today is pursuing a new plan – playing his fake anti-Israel/Zionist roleas a “puppeteer” while tugging at America’s strings.

H. Former Speaker of the United States Houseof Representatives Newt Gingrich Says All The Quiet Parts Out Loud:

·The system is rigged.

·Voting is rigged.

·Both parties are paid off.

·Not just politicians but millions of people being paid off with tax payer money

·They’ll do anything to stop Trump and more

·“I think Trump is the most aggressive and competentopponent that the Franklin Roosevelt Coalition has ever faced. They've run thecountry now since 1932. They built huge bureaucracies, huge sets of rules.

·“They paid off millions of people with taxpayer money. And all of asudden, they have an opponent who's very serious about dismantling andreplacing their corrupt system.

·“They're terrified of him. And from their standpoint, breaking the law,rigging the game, whatever it takes, they're gonna do to try to beat him atevery level.

·“The trial in New York is just one example. It's totally dishonest.I actually think that the judge in the New York trial and the studentsillegally occupying the building in Columbia University are really the samepeople.

·“They're people who believe in breaking thelaw to impose their will on the United States.And I think that you're seeing a trial which is probably the most dishonest,most corrupt trial of any political figure in American history.”

I. Wars and Rumors of Wars:

·Sat. 6 July 2024 Anon Audio File 77: Biden 25th Amendment “Medical FitnessDeclaration” + Forced Step Down Coming > Massive Attack on Damascus, SyriaLikely—Will Drive Turkey Into Middle East War > US Army National Guard MPsDeployed to Guantanamo Bay > Space Force Recruiting Full-Time Enlisted +Officer Positions from USAF Reservists w/ Highly-Specialized Training >Japanese Yen Entering Early Stages of Collapse—New Hologram Yen Already RollingOut #NothingCanStopWhatIsComing

·Sat. 6 July 2024 Army National Guard Deployedto GITMO:

J. Real News for Real Patriots from theJudy Byington Report—Part 52 | Ellis Washington Report

·World War III is on the horizon as theUkraine War winds down under a victorious Russian President Vladimir Putinwhose army didn’t “invade” Ukraine, but actually reclaim legal Russianterritory and rescued thousands of prisoners held underground (including women,children and babies) andsystematically destroyed the thousands of miles underground tunnel networksBiden, Obama, Hillary and the Deep State criminal syndicate have used for yearsto traffick children, drugs, and weapons.

·Now an even more desperate Deep State will be hell benton causing world chaos by relocating its war theatre from Ukraine toIsrael/Gaza, and soon to China/Taiwan.

·Why? War has always been their preferredde factomeans for the Rothschild KhazarianMafia, the Illuminati, Catholic Church, Jesuits and Freemasons to wipe the slate clean, to cover up their nefarious andtreacherous acts and move closer to reshaping the world into the image if itsmaster—SATAN.

·For example, Col. Douglas MacGregor remarked in an interview with Tucker Carlson stated: “Weare moving towards war with Iran and the chosen destination is Armageddon. Theentire region is involved in the war.”

·This War! War! WAR! mantra is the expected road toDemocide against We the People by the Illuminati, Freemasons and RothschildKhazarian Mafia, among other secret societies working in theshadows to democide 90% of the world’s population by 2030 (e.g.,Agenda 2030).

·This is inaccordwith a recent comment by theAir Force secretary says Chinapreparing for war against the U.S. and will likely attack us launchingconcurrent and targeted EMP attacks in big cities across America as a preemptive strike to thwart America’s retaliationwhen China will certainly invade neighboring Taiwan.

·In the meantime, because the Biden administration hassold out to Chinese CCP interests they (through the Democrat Socialist Party)have infiltrated America from within to destroy this country, therefore as we speak New York City is defunding thepolice to pay for the housing of illegal immigrants.

·Why won’t Democrats just work with us to secure theborder? Because they worship a different “god”called Satan whose tactic isOrdoab Chao= “Order out ofChaos.”

K. The Real News for Sat. 8 July 2024:

·Fri. 5 July 2024 Q and Trump vs. the Fed: Mike King: The Q Op vs. The FED - EveryoneShould Hear This!

·Sat. 6 July 2024 California: Nearly 30,000 people evacuated innorthern California as raging wildfire spreads.

·Sat. 6 July 2024: BQQQQQM!!! BREAKING: Joe Biden Body DoubleExposed – Clone Number 9 Caught Red-Handed and Walking Just Fine! Must SeeVideo!

·Sat. 6 July 2024: Gitmo News: Deep State Clones End After ThreeYears, Cloning Researchers Tell Military – Doppelgangers/Clones Revealed; LizCheney Hanged

·Sat. 6 July 2024 JAG Convicts Arizona Sec. ofState Adrian Fontes of Treason and Election Fraud:

·Sat. 6 July 2024: EXCLUSIVE! The Constitutional Crisis: JoeBiden’s Constitutional Violations and Treason – A Controversial Examination

·Sat. 6 July 2024: BQQQQM!!! SKY EVENT: Red Sky, Blue Sky, LightSky, Project Blue Beam and Sound Sky Event! The White Hats: A Counter-Operationand Game Theory and Military Strategy

·Unless proven with courtdocuments, at the time of VP Kamala Harris’s birth, her parents were not U.S.citizens. They wereforeign students. At the time of her birth, she was the daughter ofnon-citizens. This makes her an anchor baby. She is not eligible to hold theoffice of President.

·Facebook Covid VaccineFact-Checkersare funded by vaccine companies.

·Sat. 6 July 2024: See for Yourself the World of Clones and How You Can Tellthe Difference!

·Sat. 6 July 2024: WikiLeaks published a series ofleaks from the CIA, revealing the agency's hacking tools and techniques. Theleaks revealed that CIA can weaponize wide range of U.S. and European companyproducts, including Apple's iPhone, Google's Android, and Microsoft's

L. International Child SexTrafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring Run Out of the Vatican andhoused in China’s Three Gorges Dam in a 1500 mile tunnel that also runs betweenthe Vatican and Jerusalem:

·P Diddy Court Case:

·M. Wed. 11 July 2018 Obama, Clintons, Mafia Child Trafficking

·EvidentlyObama has been hiding what really happened with illegal immigrant children.Judicial Watch has uncovered a 10 July 2018 report that included1,000 Significant Incident Reports(SIRs),revealing cases of US government contractors and employees allegedlyassaulting unaccompanied alien children, as well as incidents of children beingforced into prostitution, sexual predation and murder for drug cartels.”Judicial Watch: New HHS Documents Reveal that‘Unaccompanied Alien Children’ Processed During Obama Years Included ViolentCriminals, Drug Smugglers, and Human Traffickers

·Obama,the Clintons, US corporations, various mafias, the FBI, CIA, Pizzagate,Pedogate and child sex trafficking with immigrant children missing in thethousands surfaced again as authentic criminal activity discoveredon Anthony Weiner’s laptop by the NYPD and listed in the latest AGReport.

·Whatwas sad was that we knew all this way back in 2013,perhaps before. Hillary Clinton emails on Bengazi and what was thought to be aninternational child trafficking pedophilia ring known as Pizzagate or Pedogatewere found by Seth Rich prior to the 2016 Presidential Elections. Rich, anemployee of theDemocratic National Committee(DNC),turned the emails over toWikileaks, where they were exposed to the public. On July 10 2016 Rich was fatally shot after attending a party wherehe was said to talk about the emails and just prior to his congressionaltestimony on Clinton.

·“Thousandsof children have been trafficked into the US from all over the worldfor sexual and labor exploitation” according toa January 2013 ICE report—back whenObama’s administration was“caging children”

·Left-wingMarxist hate-monger Shawn King tweets photo of immigrant kids in cages duringOBAMA administration, tries to blame Trump

·On1 July 2014The Washington Spectatorreportedthat “Cartels have moved into the human-smuggling business, imprisoningwould-be border crossers, charging high rates, or requiring border crossers toact as drug mules or prostitutes. The former Wachovia Bank (now Wells Fargo),Bank of America, and Western Union all made or continue to make millions fromdrug money collected in the U.S. and sent or laundered back to Mexico. GeneralDynamics, Motorola and Raytheon were doing well by the (human traffickingprompted) border security build-up.”

·Onthe Mexican side victims that included children,were said to be given a choice: either pay a fee ($1,500 to $10,000) to beguided by a coyote’ human trafficker, or they could traffick drugs, or work fora trafficker until the fee was paid.

·Untoldchildren were held in a desert camp until the trafficker couldmove them to a house in Tucson or Phoenix. These so-called “Safe Houses” wereoften maxed out, so they were transferred to a US government contracted CEMEXcamp.

·CEMEXwas the owner of an underground bunker property near Tucsonthought part of a child sex trafficking ring discovered last month by VeteransOn Patrol (VOP). The Veterans took their evidence to Tuscon authorities, whor*fused to investigate before bulldozing the property the next day.

·CEMEXwas owned by Bronfman-Rothschild and had ties to Arizonacorruption including Tuscon Mayor Rothschild, the Tuscon Police Chief, ClintonFoundation, Clinton Global Initiative, Pedogate and Soros. CEMEX was supposedlyunder a US DOJ investigation according to a March 14, 2018Reutersarticle– but still allowed to traffick children according to the Veterans group.

·Oncein the US the child was often sold to a child trafficking network for sex andeventually, for their organs. The women were sold tonetworks that put them to work as house slaves, maids, restaurant servers orprostitutes. Others were held until a family member paid the fee, or a slavenetwork bought them.

·Onthe northern border Hells Angels bikers were vying for control of Canada’s vastand lucrative sex trade according to a recent CIA report namingVancouver and Toronto as hubs for the trafficking of sex trade workers. Between700,000 and two million women and children were trafficked annually byorganized crime groups such as the Vancouver Angels and Asians. The report saidthat a high number of American girls were being smuggled to Canada for sexualexploitation. Many of them were recruited to Vancouver with false promises ofjobs as exotic models and dancers. Once in Canada, they were forced into prostitutionor sweatshop labor according to Kevin Annett of the ITCCS.

·Overtwenty years ago the ITCCS uncovered an international child traffickingring said run by the Vatican.“A child trafficking crime syndicate said run bythe Vatican called ‘Ndrangheta provided children used in sacrifical killings inHolland” according to retired lawyer and eyewitness “Josephine” during adeposition to the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels in June,2014. “The ones I witnessed included human hunting parties. It’s called “TheOctopus” in Holland. They are deeply involved in human trafficking thanks totheir control of the police and politicians.”

·“The‘Ndrangheta is a Mafia style criminal organization in Italy, having replacedthe old style Cosa Nostra. ‘Ndrangheta is currently the most powerfuland richest criminal organization in Italy and possibly Europe, with anestimated annual revenue of at least 53 billion Euros ($72 billion US), gainedfrom drug trafficking, extortion and money laundering”.

N. Mon. 16 July 2018 CIA, Vatican, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Soros,Royals Child Sex Trafficking

·Children crossing theUS border in the thousands have been kidnapped, or sold into child sextrafficking to fulfill pedo-sex requests of high ranking US officials, includingmembers of the US Congress and state legislators, according to Intelligencesources. A significant number of those high ranking elites have been undersurveillance for quite some time, with some caught making calls for childrenthey “ordered” for sex.

·Overthe last year there have been multi thousands of sealedindictments filed in federal courts across the US - that were now set toarrest mainly sex perpetrators. It would remain to be seen if those indictmentscovered members of the CIA, Catholic Church, Obama, Bushes, Clinton, Soros andother elites for their reported international child sex trafficking ring.

·“Thereare over 800,000 missing immigrant children, with no FBI investigationopen to find out why” claimed ex-CIA investigator Robert David Steele. “Rogueelements in the CIA have been facilitating child sex trafficking across ourborders. There is no question that many illegal immigrant children have beentaken from human traffickers – not from their parents – and then recycled to undergoeven worse human trafficking.”

·Steelalso claimed that an informant from the graphics department of the StateDepartment said that they were not allowed to portray anything regarding childtrafficking within the US. He felt that there were too many Obamaholdovers in government who were working for the Deep State against Trump andhis war on child sex trafficking. Steel also claimed that when Hillary Clintonwas Secretary of State she wouldn’t appoint an Inspector General, so noinvestigations of missing immigrant children happened then either.

·CIAsponsorship of child sex trafficking has been well known byvictims since the agency’s inception after World War II, though their claimswere kept away from the Mainstream Media. Back in June 1987 Jozeph Verbeeck,the head of the Belgian office of UNICEF, was arrested for involvement in alarge pedophile and child p*rnography ring. USAID granted UNICEF funds toreintegrate into their Congo communities, boys and girls forced into sexualtrafficking. The area was plagued by Ugandan and Rwandan troops backed by U.S.CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency agents, who were said to be the mainperpetrators in the child trafficking according to Washington basedinvestigative journalist Wayne Madsen. WAYNE MADSEN REPORT - Wayne Madsen Report

·TheCIA admitted their vested interest in child trafficking in their 2008disclosure that since the Vietnam War they have operated child prostitutionentrapment rings to snare their congressional opponents. A lucrative empire ofdrugs and human trafficking has been politically reinforced by the continualuse of child prostitution by domestic spy agencies to blackmail and controlpoliticians and leaders.”(WashingtonD.C.Rock Creek Free Press,Dec.2008 vol.2 no.12).

·In2013 alone the Obama Administration separated 72,410 children from theirillegal immigrant parents, who were deported.TheHuffington Postreported: “Immigration and CustomsEnforcement last year carried out more than 72,000 deportations of parents whosaid they had U.S.-born children, according to reports to Congress obtainedbyThe Huffington Post.”

·BarackObama’s administration literally placed immigrant children in the hands ofhuman traffickers just a few years ago according toNewYork Magazine.In2015 there was a criminal case and in 2016 aSenate report, about a Marion, Ohio human trafficking ring that used migrantchildren for forced labor on an egg farm. “The left-leaning media stayedstrangely silent when the detention of migrant children went on for yearsbefore Trump took office. The US government placed an unknown number of CentralAmerican migrant children into the custody of human traffickers afterneglecting to run the most basic checks on these so-called ‘caregivers.” Obama separated 72,410 children from theirillegal immigrant parents

·AUS Attorney General’s report stated that the Bushadministration lined the pockets of a number of “faith-based” organizations andprivate contractors in its “anti-trafficking program.” Recipients of this moneyinclude organizations that have reported connections with perpetrators,including the CIA.

·TheCIA has also reportedly worked with the Catholic Church tomake billions each year from child trafficking. In Spain alone, 300,000children were trafficked by the church between 1940 and 1980, reaping over $20billion. (ICLCJ Court testimony of Antonio under-indictment Pope Francis himself organized such a marketing ofchildren of more than 30,000 Argentine political prisoners during his stint asfront man for the military junta there in the 1970′s and ’80′s. (ICLCJ Courttestimony of Witness No.

·TheVatican was well known to utilize the mafia in child sex trafficking.According to ICLCJ Court eyewitness “Josephine,” her ex-husband mafia boss andother mob members provided ten children and adolescents who were hunted downand killed, and then mutilated, by wealthy men in forests near Oudergem, Belgium,in the spring of 2000 and 2004.

·“Iwas there, I saw the whole thing. I was told they were kids from the juveniledetention centres in Brussels. They were let loose nakedin the forest and hunted down and shot. The killers included Prince Friso of Hollandand his wife’s friend, the billionaire George Soros, Dutch Prime Minister MarkRutte, and Prince Albert of Belgium. After they shot down the young ones theycut off the boys’ penises and held them up like trophies, cheering andapplauding.” European RoyalsKilling Naked Children for Fun at Human Hunting Parties

·“Thesyndicate obtained its child fodder through its deep involvement with thechild-snatching Roman Catholic Church and top Vatican officials”according to Matteo Macceo, a Radical Party member of the Italian Parliament.“The modern Mafia were the same people running the Catholic Church and Italiangovernment. They’re all in the same club, indistinguishable. Their main concernis their assets, which come from organized crime: drugs, and arms dealing, andhuman trafficking.” (Macceo, Rome, April

O. Satan Worshipping Illuminati Zionist DeepState Cabal Globalist Depopulation Agenda 2030: Deep State – New World Order WorldDepopulation through Democide and CIAOperationMK-Ultra Mind Control Real News for Real Patriots from the Judy Byington Report—Part 52 |Ellis Washington Report

·TheCIA Mind Control program eventuallyknown as MK-ULTRAconsistedof 149 sub-projects, plus another 33 closely related programs. There were 80participating US and Canadian institutions including 44 colleges anduniversities – all funded by US taxpayers through a CIA Black Budget notsubject to review.

·“The CIA has been known to work hand in handwith the Vatican’s Satanic Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult to run an International Child Traffickingand Drug/Gun Running Ring.

·In her biography “Twenty-Two Faces” Hillclaimed she was tortured and made to watch the Human Sacrifice of anothersix-year-old child, later identified as Kathleen Shea. Evidently Shea had been kidnapped fromTyrone Pennsylvania several months prior and appeared starved and emaciatedbefore her Summer Solstice death by the Satanic Coven.” WomanSees Human Sacrifice

·The purpose of CIA Mind Control Programmingwas to secure life-long power over an individual in order to create SuperSpies, Terrorists, Assassins and/or have life-long control over a victim forwhatever devious purpose.Mind Control Programming was based on the Satanic Worship Practices of Rape,Torture and Human Sacrifice. Young victims were sold into the program by theirMulti-Generational Satanic families.

·The preferred victim was a young childsubjected to prolonged trauma. It was found that the developing brain of a child under repeated rapeand torture would permanently separate their thinking patterns into MultiplePersonalities that could be controlled by their perpetrator throughout thevictim’s life. The most effective programming would begin at a very early ageand even in the womb through electroshock treatments for the mother.

·In 1964 after a successful lawsuit byMind-Control Survivor Linda McDonald (of the McDonald’s Hamburger FranchiseMulti-Generational Satanic Family), Congressional inquiries supposedly ended MK ULTRA – not true. MK-ULTRARESEARCH continued but was curtailed in 1967 and thought extinct by 1973 afterMKULTRA documents were destroyed by CIA Director Richard Helms prior to hisresignation and another Congressional inquiry – that went nowhere.

·Yet, the 1977 Freedom of Information Act was able to uncover 20,000 MK-ULTRAFinancial Documents on the Mind Control Program that were not destroyed andproved the program to be ongoing – even to this day according to Satanic RitualAbuse Mind Control Survivors.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of July 7, 2024 (2024)
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