Sky Haven Temple Restored And Expanded SSE.7z (2024)

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Temple interior furnished/expanded, recruit 10 Blades, player ability call Blades Patrol, 4 Dragonlord Blessings with Minion Mob cloak, Black Sea world-space with Dragon Lich, Dwarven Deep Hall player home, moveable animated entrance tower, 5 Pocket Followers, upgradable armor/weapon set, 3 dragon lairs, 4 dragon hunt quests, 1 shout, magic throne

Permissions and credits

Blades Faction Headquarters with Movable Player HouseVanilla Sky Haven Temple is a dark dank non-functioning mess. How can Delphine expect you to rebuild the Blades without a functioning base of operations? It is no wonder why you can only dredge up 3 new recruits for the Blades. This situation needs to change....Thanks to the leadership of the Dragonborn Sky Haven Temple's interior is now cleaned up, re-lit and fully furnished. New structures have been found, a lost world-space has been rediscovered, Esbern has located new powerful dragons to vanquish and many new treasures await plunder. New content includes:

* New improved interior lighting and furniture
* Second floor leader's quarters with player bed that can be assigned to Delphine or Esbern
* Dwarven Deep Hall player house with 6 child bedroom (multiple adoption ready/tested)
* Move any animal followers or regular followers into the house as pets or guests
* 7 additional Blades recruitment slots making two 5-person Blades patrols (day/night)
* Fully integrated expanded Blades AI schedules including rotating melee/archery practice
* Player ability to call a 5 or10 person Blades patrol to aid in any dragon fight
* 4 Dragonlord blessings with Minion Mob re-animation/summon-elemental cloak (max 20)
* 4 new dragon hunt quests given by Esbern (3 Elder Wyrms, 1 Dovah Lich)
* Subterranean Black Sea world-space with flying Dragon Lich & undead dwemer army
* Dovahkiin's Armor of the Way upgradable 14 piece armor set (light/heavy)
* Dovahkiin's Dragonstrike Weapons upgradable 5 piece weapon set
* Dragon Hearts found on dead dragons (alchemy ingredients)
5 reusable “Pocket Follower” magic figurines. (1 talking skeleton, 4 dwarven automatons)
* Craftable dwarven automaton control staff (works on all dwarven bots)
* Animated house/hall entrance tower that stores inside a dwemer cube (fully moveable)
* Dwarven Deep Forge lava forges any metal grants 100% skill-bonus & all smithing perks
* Dwarven potion condenser turns 2 lower level potions into 1 higher level potion
* Dwarven soul gem fusion chamber turns 2 lower level soul gems into 1 higher level gem
Dwarven pressurized drink dispenser with 4 kegs & taps (NPCs pour drinks too)
* Dwarven bathhouse with shower and hot tub (NPCs disrobe to bathe)
3 dwarven gas fireplaces with cooking spits or adjustable flames (1 high/low flame)

4 Houseworker and 4 Vendor NPCs including a Bard (Hire/Fire with ledger)

* House schedules (quarters, kitchen, bathhouse, tavern, armory, magic shop, forge, docks)

3 new multi-bonus granting drinks (dwarven ale, dwarven brandy, dwarven port wine)
Sky Haven Temple Restoration & Expansion:

The ancient temple is now a busy working Blades faction headquarters and base of operations with a jazzed up long table, enchanting table, apothecary table, blacksmith workbench, grinding wheel, extra NPC beds, multiple 2 chair tables, 8 mannequins, 12 single weapon racks and 2 Shield-Crossed Weapon plaques.

A total of 10 Blades recruits form two 5-person shifts for scheduled daily activities. Delphine leads the day shift and Esbern leads the night shift. Scheduled activities include sleep, breakfast, guard duty (Karthspire), melee practice (outside), archery practice (outside), meditation time (outside), supper, and tavern/relaxation time. If the mod “A Follower Pack SSE” is installed a Bard, Enchanter, Apothecary and General Merchant work for 16 hrs a day on the main temple floor and 8 Blades Knights are integrated into the Blades daily activity schedule.

While cleaning up the workers found new stairs leading to a new "upper" level containing a living area with fireplace, a magic brazier with 4 dragon totem pedestals and a large golden throne humming with power. The living area is small but complete with player bed, private mannequin, weapon plaque, storage...etc.

The imperial candle on the desk activates the Sky Haven Temple configuration menu. The player bed can be assigned to the player, Delphine or Esbern. The Blades default recruit outfit can be toggled to Helm/No Helm. The armor type of the player's Armor of the Way can be toggled to light/heavy. The Blades Patrol size can be toggled to 5/10 people. The Alert Blades Patrol ability can be toggled On/Off.

Sky Haven & Karthspire Exterior Locations:

Another one of my mods "A Follower Pack SSE" expands the Sky Haven Exterior to fit with this mod and is available on Nexus. All Karthspire and External Sky Haven Temple locations are cleaned up and expanded with a "Cloud Ruler" Zen Garden, fully functioning training yard and Karthspire Blades settlement including Blades Knights, vendors, workers, player/follower horses, livestock and a lot more. Install A Follower Pack SSE with Sky Haven Restored & Expanded to experience the full Blades faction expansion.

The Way:

There is a meditation circle located outside the temple in the "Cloud Ruler" Zen Garden if the AFP compatibility patch and the “A Follower Pack SSE” mod are installed -OR- it is located next to the throne on the upper floor if the AFP patch is not installed.
Meditating on “the Way” 3 times with at least 1 day between each time will bestow the “Alert Blades Patrol” ability on the player.

Meditating when the player's Armor of the Way or Dragonstrike Weapons need to be upgraded to match the player's current level will automatically “level” the player's gear.

Meditating after toggling the light/heavy setting on the Dovahkiin's Armor of the Way will convert the player's current Armor of the Way to match the new light/heavy setting.
Blades Patrols:

The Alert Blades Patrol ability allows the player to automatically alert any active Blades patrols to the location of any dragon they engage in combat. When enabled this ability calls a 5 or 10 person Blades patrol to aid the player when fighting any dragon anywhere in any world-space. The Blades travel in a group, move to the player within 10-120 seconds from combat start and sound a war horn when they arrive at the battle scene. Blades arrive 768 units behind the player so try not to have your back against a wall or your butt hanging over a cliff when fighting dragons. Outfit management mods may not dress/redress outfit-managed Blades recruits when they are ported directly into combat. If you have Blades showing up naked just toggle the Blades Helm setting in the Sky Haven Configuration Candle menu to reset the default outfit. (naked nord fix)

More Blades:

This restoration will allow you to recruit 10 blades for the "Rebuilding the Blades" quest with the first 5 recruits put on the day shift and the the last five recruits put on the night shift. These two groups also form the 2 dragon hunting parties that will accompany you on your Blades dragon hunts and Blades patrols so keep that in mind while determining the order of recruitment into the Blades. Which group goes on a given dragon hunt or patrol is determined by a 50/50 chance (flip a coin).

The Blades roster ledger is located on the desk in the leader's quarters in Sky Haven Temple. This ledger is used to induct new recruits into the Blades and to dismiss current recruits from the Blades. (use only after the recruitment quest is done) New recruits are added to the 1st open roster slot and are assigned a bed in the temple when they become Blades. The roster slot number is used to select recruits for dismissal from the roster. Roster slots match the bed numbers on each shift so a current recruit's roster number can be determined by observing which bed the recruit sleeps in. Recruit beds are shared between the day/night shifts and are numbered 1:6, 2:7, 3:8, 4:9, 5:10 (day:night) starting on your left when entering the sleeping room. Day/Night shift sleeps at 2 am/pm for 5 hours a day.Extra Blades tech notes:

#1. If you have already completed the "rebuild the Blades" quest this mod will still work. Use the Blades roster ledger to induct more recruits into the Blades. (10 recruits total)

#2. If you already have ten Blades recruits because you used another mod to increase the number of recruits you will be able to save all ten Blades by uninstalling the old mod and installing this mod with

NO"clean save" step in between.

#3. I

f you use a multi follower mod like Amazing Follower Tweaks or anyother mod that modifies the follower dialogue quest you will need to use the corresponding compatibility patch available on the download page
Complete the "rebuild the Blades"quest with only 3 recruits before installing this mod and then use the Blades roster ledger to add the rest of the recruits
Disable the conflicting mod before bringing your first recruit to Delphine and re-enable the mod after all ten recruits have taken the oath and changed armor.

The patch can be safely removed after recruitment has finished. If you need a patch for a mod not listed on the download page please ask me to make one for you.
Dragonlord Blessings:

The Dragon Totems, Magic Brazier, Throne of Four Kings and Dragonlord Shout all work together to configure and use all four Dragonlord Blessings in the following procedure:

Step1. Build a dragon totem on a pedestal with dragon bones or scales you collect from slain dragons. (each totem has different blessing)

Step2. Go to Esbern and ask about powerful dragons. He'll send you on a quest to slay an elder dragon or the Dovah Lich. (see Dovah Lich quest details)

Step 3. Return alive with your prize and power up the totem with an elder dragon heart or Dovah Lich skull. (enables each blessing's menu item)

Step 4. Go to the Ever Burning Brazier, throw a soul gem in the fire and select the Dovahlord with which you want to commune. (menu to select blessing)

Step 5. Go to the Throne of Four Kings and sit in it until the message pops up. (bestows full ultra-power blessing for 1 hour and sets shout effect type)

Step 6. Go test your new powers by rushing into the middle of a heavily populated enemy camp. (watch your slain enemies turn into a mob of minions)

Step 7. Repeat steps 1-6 for the other three Dragonlord Blessings. (sneak/surprise attack to test venom blessing)

Step 8. Learn the 1st word of the Dragonlord shout. (5 min duration - low power buffs - no cloak effects)

Step 9. Learn the 2nd word of the Dragonlord shout. (5 min duration - medium power buffs - fire/frost/poison/shock cloak effects, no minions)

Step 10. Learn the 3rd word of the Dragonlord shout. (5 min duration - high power buffs - full cloak effects)

All 4 blessings bestow the same base buffs:

Cure All Diseases
Fortify Base Attribute - Health, Stamina and Magicka
Fortify Regeneration Rate - Health, Stamina and Magicka
Fortify Combat Regeneration Rate - Health only
Fortify Armor - Points, Perks and Damage Resistance
Fortify Damage - Melee and Unarmed
Fortify Speed - Movement and Weapon
Fortify Speechcraft
Fortify Shout Recovery Time
Fortify Carryweight
Feather Fall - No Falling Damage
Resist Element -Fire, Frost, Poison or Shock

Cloak magic effects are grouped by element type:

Fire Damage and Atronachs
Frost Damage and Atronachs
Poison Damage, Stagger and Stealth
Shock Damage and Undead

Cloak Effect Details:

Elemental Damage - Short Range Area Effect - Fire\Frost\Poison\Shock Damage (high damage with very close range)

Reanimation\Elemental Summons- Long Range Area Effect - Slain enemies are turned into Fire/Frost Atronachs or Undead. (up to 20 minions)

Command Undead/Elementals – Long Range Area Effect – All Undead or Fire/Frost Atronachs defend closest active Dragonlord.

Venom Stagger - Long Range Area Effect - Enemies in combat are staggered. (poison cloak does not have Minion Mob effect)

Serpent Stealth - Self Effect - Turn Invisible by Crouching (same as Nightingale Power but with unlimited automatic use - poison cloak only)

Ash Pile - Enemies that die from cloak effect are turned to ash from the transformation or just from getting to close to an active Dragonlord.

The Dovah Lich Quest:The 1st three new dragon hunt quests take place in Skyrim at 3 new word-wall dragon lairs and work in the same way as the vanilla dragon hunts given by Esbern. The 4th new dragon hunt quest is a bit different. The Dovah Lich quest starts in Blackreach and ends in the Great Black Sea, a rediscovered world-space located below Blackreach.

Important: After receiving the quest from Esbern you must retrieve the harmonic key from the chest above the chair in the Silent Ruin before meeting the Blades at the Reeking Tower Entrance. Make your own way to the Silent Ruin located just behind Silent City in Blackreach (sun city), retrieve the key and then go to the entrance of the Reeking Tower.A 5 person Blades patrol will meet you on the rock bridge just outside the tower entrance. The Blades may already be engaged in combat when you arrive but all will gather around you once the battle is done. Unlike the other dragon hunt quests, once the Blades patrol meets the player on this quest they will follow you until the Dovah Lich is defeated so there is no turning back from this point on. This change was made to allow them to follow the player through multiple load doors so please wait for everyone to load in when entering a new cell if you can. (everyone = 5 blades, you and all other followers)After the first battle is over and the Blades patrol gathers around you it is a good place to make a save in your game just in case you get killed in the next stages of the quest. Now enter the door to the Reeking Tower Gatehouse to start your journey down to the dark depths of the Great Black Sea. The way to the lair of the Dovah Lich is simple and straight forward but not easy or safe. When confronted with a lock, pick it or for the big lock use the harmonic key. When confronted with a path with a drop down just jump off the edge and everyone will follow you into the water. (wait for everyone to finish before leaving the area)You will come across a pool of healing water near the final battle site. Soaking in this pool restores health, stamina and magicka once every 5 seconds. Jumping into this pool is a good way to counteract the Dovah Lich's drain attack if you get hit with it. The pool will also heal your followers and you can take the healing with you by filling any empty bottles in your inventory while kneeling at the pool's edge. (makes “restore all” potions)The final battle includes a small army of undead dwemer. The skeletons will continue to regenerate until the Dovah Lich is banished. When the battle is done don't forget to open the chest on the altar on the platform so you can collect your rewards. (the Dovahkiin's gear)Important: Yorick's Skull is located on one of the skeletons hanging on the central pillar on the platform. It has been havok-disabled until picked up but some magic explosions can dislodge it and may cause it to bounce over the edge into the deep water where it cannot easily be recovered. This item is needed to use the Skeleton Pocket Follower so try not to lose it.When the Dovah Lich has been defeated the Blades will go home and you will be left alone to explore the rest of this ancient dwarven harbor on the shores of the Great Black Sea. If you follow the Blades out they will show you the path back to Blackreach. (look for secret door)

Dovahkiin's Armor of the Way & Dragonstrike Weapons

Using new and re-textured models the new Dovahkiin's gear boosts stats and provides extra combat damage against Dragons, Undead and Werebeasts. The Dovahkiin's Armor of the Way and Dragonstrike Weapons are upgraded to the player's current level or converted to light/heavy armor by meditating on “the Way” using the Sky Haven meditation circle. There are 8 levels of enchantment triggered at levels 1, 19, 32, 45, 60, 75, 90, 100.
Some items can be converted to an alternate model at any forge. The helm can be toggled between regular-blades and samurai-horned models. The boots can be toggled between regular-blades and tabi (toe boots) models. The sword can be toggled between katana (1 sheathed sword) and daisho (2 sheathed swords) models. Unenchanted gear can be crafted at the Dwarven Deep Forge in the Harbormaster's Hall.Helm Enchantment – Fortify Persuasion, Articulation, Fortify Barter, Water Breathing, Resist DiseaseCuirass Enchantment – Fortify Armor Rating, Fortify Heavy Armor Skill, Fortify Health, Fortify Health Regeneration, Resist Poison, Dragon Aspect Arms + 25% attack damageGauntlets Enchantment - Fortify One Handed Skill, Fortify Blocking Skill, Fortify Archery Skill, Resist Magic, Resist FireBoots Enchantment – Fortify Stamina, Fortify Stamina Regeneration, Fortify Movement Speed, Resist Shock, Resist FrostShield Enchantment – Reflect Attack (stagger), Spellbreaker Ward (when blocking), Stendarr's Aura (visual FX sun cloak when fighting undead), Fortify Armor Rating, Reflect Blows (damage), Fortify Armor RatingSword Enchantment – Windshear Bash, Shock Damage, Extra Damage to Dragons, Silvered Edge (extra damage to vampires, undead, ghosts and werebeasts), Banish (daedra or elementals), Soul TrapShort Sword Enchantment – Chaos Damage(fire+frost+shock),Paralyze, Soul TrapBow Enchantment – Sun Damage, Fire Damage, Extra Damage to Dragons, Silvered Edge (extra damage to vampires, undead, ghosts and werebeasts), Banish (daedra or elementals), Soul Trap
The Harbor Warehouse:

The path down to sea level leads through a fully stocked dwemer warehouse used to store deactivated dwarven automatons and other dwemer creations. All the doors have leveled locks. The shelves are quite tall but standing on the metal plates on the ground in front of each shelf will trigger the plate to lift you up to the higher shelves. (highest shelves have no loot)

The Ancient Vault:

Perched high on the harbor's cliff wall is the entrance to an ancient dwemer vault. This well secured treasury has not been opened since live Dwemer walked the land, surely it contains the wealth of the ages. Can you crack this safe sneaky thief? Only the Harbormaster shall pass. (you may need to wait up to 10 seconds after pulling levers or pressing buttons to see effect)

The Harbormaster's Hall:

Located on the edge of the Great Black Sea the carved stone entrance to a real Dwarven Deep Hall stands frozen in time. The docks and harbor light lay dark while something lurks in the deep waiting for any living thing to stumble into it's slimy reach. The harbor light can be turned on to dim or bright by opening 1 or 2 gas valves and then pulling the big lever on the pedestal. (there is safety in light)
Inside the entrance door the Harbormaster's Hall endlessly waits for the return of its master. The house security system will remain a threat to the player and player-allies until the Harbormaster returns to the hall. (pick up the cube) Rooms and features include:

Entrances & Exits:

The large lower entrance hall has a throne platform, many busts of the old Harbormaster and multiple connecting passageways. Located above and behind the family rooms, the Harbormaster's Lift functions as the hall's upper entrance. The lift platform has a button to toggle On/Off the surface tower beacon light, a cube stand that uses the Harbormaster's Control Cube to raise/lower the surface tower and a button to set the surface tower to be stored in a dwemer lexicon cube for storage or transport to another deployment location.

The Harbormaster's Lift:

The surface tower is animated to raise and lower like the entrance to the Ruins of Bthalft and it is also operated with the Harbormaster's Control Cube.(bigger cube) It can be deployed anywhere and redeployed at any time by dropping the storage cube on the ground. (smaller cube) The portcullis gate can only be opened by house faction members. A fast travel marker is added to the map when the tower is deployed allowing the placement of a fast travel marker in the Sky Haven practice yard or anywhere else on the surface map. (works in cities too)
Family Quarters:

A large family area contains a dwarven gas fireplace, long dining table, auto-book shelves, fully furnished player bedroom and a 6 child bedroom. (multiple adoption tested) There is hot/cold running water here for immersion. The House Ledger is located on a table in the main family room and is used to configure household settings.

The house workers and vendors can be hired/fired. All the beds can be toggled between dwemer and noble models. House supplies can be purchased/resupplied. New family
members can be registered with the hall's security system. Register your family when you move them in or when you add new family members to the household. All animal followers can be trained as house pets or dismissed. The new house pet must be currently following you in your animal slot or 1st follower slot and it is best to only have one follower or animal when training a new pet.
The family quarters system can manage 1 spouse, 6 children and 3 pets. The entire hall and outside harbor-docks area have child-usable idle markers, furniture and game markers so the kids behave like they do in any vanilla home. The pets sleep in the kid's room, freely roam the entire house and each one is walked by a separate child when the children go outside to play. The spouse will cook in the morning, watch the kids while outside, use the bathhouse, use the tavern, visit the armory and yes they will actually sleep in bed with you.

Special items located in the player bedroom room include the Harbormaster's Control Cube, a dwarven spider figurine, a dwarven sphere figurine, a dwarven centurion figurine and a dwarven simulacrum figurine. All containers in the player's bedroom do not reset and are storage-safe.Pocket Followers:

When picked up the 1st time the magic figurines will trigger a quest to find their individual
operating schematics to enable their use as Pocket Followers. (skeleton/skull has no quest) All 5 Pocket Followers can be used in 3 ways:

They can be used like a “summoned”creature by dropping them on the ground while the player is in a combat state causing them to fight for you until the battle is over and then automatically turn back into a figurine placed in your inventory.

They can be used like a regular or animal follower by dropping them on the ground when not in a combat state, whispering a word of power and commanding them to follow you. They automatically turn back into a figurine placed in your inventory when they are dismissed.

They can be used to guard a location by dropping them on the ground when not in a combat state, whispering a word of power and commanding them to stay where they are. To store them after waiting mode recruit them as followers then dismiss them. They automatically turn back into a figurine placed in your inventory when they are dismissed.
Guest & Worker Quarters:

This two level room has 15 sleeping alcoves each containing a bed, dresser and chest. Beds are numbered starting on the lower level to your left when entering the door from the hallway. The first 7 beds are located on the lower level and are reserved for guests only. The last 8 beds are located on the upper level and are used by the house workers and vendors when they are currently hired. These upper beds can be used by guests if the vendors and/or workers are not using them. Firing a group vacates 4 beds.

Any NPC can be checked into the Hall's security system and assigned a sleeping alcove by using the Guest Ledger at the top of the stairs. The new guest must be currently following you in your 1st follower slot and it is best to only have one follower when checking in. All guests will sleep in their assigned alcove, bathe in the Bathhouse, use the crafting stations in the magic shop, view displays in the armory, and eat/drink in the tavern every day. Guests are checked out by using their bed number so you may need to wait for the guests to go to sleep to determine which bed they are using. (guest sleep starts at 1AM, “lights off” at 2AM / “lights on” at 8AM)

Dwarven Deep Forge:

The lava-forge room contains dwarven versions of all smithing craft stations. These smithing stations grant a 100% skill-bonus and all vanilla smithing perks while in use. The super efficient smelter provides 2 extra ingots for each one produced through regular smelting. All containers in this room do not reset and are storage-safe. There is hot/cold running water for crafting immersion. The Blacksmith works this forge during the day after the vendors are hired from the house ledger.
The Magic Shop:

The magic-item crafting room contains respawning well-stocked random potion shelves, automatic bookshelves, a dwarven spider imbuing machine, a dwarven staff enchanter, a dwarven potion condenser and a dwarven soul gem fusion chamber. Regular enchanting and alchemy stations are purchased with the first round of house supplies. All containers in this room do not reset and are storage-safe. An enchanter and an alchemist work the stations here during the day after the vendors are hired from the house ledger.

A Dwarven Automaton Control Staff can be crafted using the dwarven staff enchanter here. The staff forces any dwarven automaton hit by the effect to be the player's teammate and fight for them for 180 seconds. (single target) The condenser and fusion chamber return 1 higher level item in exchange for 2 lower level items. There is hot/cold running water here for crafting immersion.The Armory:

This room contains 16 dwemer weapon racks, 13 pedestals for mannequins and 8 storage safe chests. 13 armor mannequins and 5 shield-crossed weapon plaques are purchased through the house ledger with the first round of house supplies. The mannequins and weapon racks allow for custom weapon/armor displays. Guests and family members visit on rotating schedules to view the displayed armaments. (house pets visit too)
The Kitchen & Larder:

These rooms are located on opposite sides of the family quarters. The larder has many shelves, barrels and chests to store the household's stocks of consumable items. All containers in this room do not reset and are storage-safe. All items on shelves are set to rapidly reset/respawn.

Among the more common food items you will find 3 new drinks that grant multiple wellness bonuses to the drinker. There is a thick dwarven stout ale that will cure all your ills and boosts your stats a little bit, a wicked dwarven brandy that cures poison while greatly boosting health and a very heady dwarven port wine that cures disease while greatly boosting stamina. (boost = restore damaged, fortify base, increase regen)

The fully functional well stocked dwemer kitchen has 3 cooking station tables, a gas fireplace with cooking spit and animated dwemer oven. The cooking spit and cooking supplies are purchased with the first round of house supplies. The house cook works all of these crafting stations during the day, the player's spouse cooks here before breakfast and the house pets visit randomly looking for treats. All consumables are set to rapidly reset/respawn. The barrels are set to not respawn and are storage safe. There is hot/cold running water here for crafting immersion.

The Tavern:

A Dwarven Pressurized Drink Dispenser with 4 kegs and 4 taps is the central feature of this room. A stone counter surrounds this treasure with plenty of seating and a gas fireplace with cooking spit provides guest cooking facilities. The cooking spit and consumable tavern supplies are purchased with the house supplies. There is hot/cold running water here for immersion.
Any drink or potion put into a keg is dispensed from the tap but the piston on the keg needs to be moving for the corresponding tap to produce drinks. Only the 1st drink/potion put into a keg will be cloned-out to the tap and dispensed. (never-emptying kegs) NPCs will pour themselves drinks from the taps only if the taps are turned on at the keg. Turn off the taps if you don't want the NPCs to use them.The Barkeep and Bard work the bar during waking hours after the house workers have been hired and the General Merchant sells goods in the upper level seats during the day after the vendors have been hired. All workers, vendors and guests gather for breakfast, supper and some of their daily recreational time in the tavern. Family members and pets may visit the tavern in the morning, at night and in the afternoon on rainy days.The Bathhouse:

The dwemer certainly knew how to build bathing facilities. This room holds a large hot tub with a shower and plenty of seating. The tub is deep enough to swim in too. The button on the right is the light, the button on the left opens/closes the main water valve, the valve on the right turns on/off the heat, the valve on the left turns on/off the water jets and the lever at the top of the stairs turns on/off the shower.

All household NPCs and guests use the bath at different times of the day. NPCs disrobe when entering the tub area and redress when they leave. If you have issues with NPCs not redressing (naked nord syndrome), turning off any enabled outfit management settings from other mods should fix the issue. (redressing does work with AFT outfit management most of the time)

Compatibility patches are available on the download page for the following mods:

A Follower Pack SSE
Amazing Follower Tweaks (with or without "boost 64" installed)
Blades Samurai Armor and Kimonos

Recommended Mods:

Sky Haven Temple Restored and Expanded is part of a series of mods I made to work together. Other modules in the series include:

A Follower Pack - 24 integrated followers, 3 Faction Expansions & a lot more - found here:

The Crossroads Cellar - Shared cellar with doors to all player houses & more - found here:

Hearthfire Guards and Fortifications - Walkable walls, 10 guards & a lot more - found here:

Thane Fail-Safe - Finally finish those stalled or bugged Thane quests - found here:

Works from other authors that enhance Sky Haven Temple Restored and Expanded include the following mods:

Amazing Follower Tweaks a very popular multiple follower management mod found here:

Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions with custom home support for kids and spouse found here:

My Home Is Your Home assign followers sleep/work areas to fill unused beds found here:

Blades Samurai Armor and Kimonos
- More Akaviri armor and weapons found here:

Akaviri Ruins of Savirien-Chorak - Encore short quest with Dai-Katana found here:

Animated Dwemer Lift Doors all lifts are animated like the Harbormaster's Lift found here:

Dwemer Spectres Special Edition adds new dwemer items and short quests found here:

Comfy Dwemer Beds makes dwarven beds in Harbormaster's Hall livable found here:

Dwemer Certified player ability to repair "dead" dwarven automatons and more found here:

Dwemer Goggles and Scouter more very useful dwarven gizmos and gadgets found here:

DLC1- Dawnguard
DLC2 - DragonbornInstallation:

Install with Nexus or manually like you would any other mod. Make Sure this mod is loaded after any multi-follower mods like Amazing Follower Tweaks. (see note above about extra blades recruitment) If the lighting in the temple is still dark move this mod down on your load list until the light gets brighter.

Have Fun!Credits:

This mod uses armor and weapon models from Blades Samurai Armour and Kimonos by 0Prime0

This mod uses Katanas and Wakizashis models from Weapons of the Third Era by 747823

This mod uses a longbow model from Breton Longbow by cageu

This mod uses a Samurai Helmet model from Akaviri Samurai Armor by hothtrooper44 and CD Projekt

This mod uses lift-door models from Animated Dwemer Lift Load Doors by DOUBLEBREWSKI

Sky Haven Temple Restored And Expanded SSE.7z (2024)
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